Trust Deficit

Everywhere we go,there is a trust deficit. People do not trust each other by default.Period.

Its only when you are proven wrong again and again there is an element of doubt that creeps in somewhere,that maybe, just maybe you can trust someone.I just wonder, where are we headed to ? Or am I thinking too much? If we have managed so long,we shall prevail in spite of extreme adversity and mistrust.

This is more so at the workplace.There is competition and there is mistrust.In fact such is the irony that if you do trust some one,it is considered stupid and or naieve.Alternatively, you only selectively trust someone till such time he or she is useful to you or your case.

Most new ideas are not trusted since they are not backed with adequate mass approval.Once you, are not with mass consensus,then you will find even fewer people trust you.And then the company goes and hires someone from outside to try out new ideas.

People do not trust their bosses, their colleagues or their juniors either.My point is why work in such a place? and if you do, or had to , for some reason, then what do you do? Join em? Bear with em?  Or simply stand up and speak against them?

If we ordinary  people,cannot trust each other with people we meet everyday,then how can we crib about countries not trusting each other.In some sense,there lies the similarity.If there is a trust deficit at a people to people level,then it goes right up to the top – with the people who run the country,state or union.

Yet we crib and whine about how corrupt their thoughts are.The question is how are you dealing with your own trust deficit of the world around you.? How balanced are you? How objective are you?

If we can make that change in us, then one day we just might live in a world where its ok to trust people.Its ok to expect people to trust you back and face value will have new credibility.








Your Thoughts?

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