When the mind is clouded and direction is not clear, what do you do ? Hit the nearest bar?  Throw temper tantrums?  Weep ? Self-Pity?

What if you did none of these escape acts? What if you just sat down,think through it objectively and get going? How difficult is that?  Sometimes in life its ok to let go, specially when some of these things are not in your control. Let go and relax. Sounds absurd? I assure you it isn’t.

We have often heard the merits of planning till the last detail,and that meticulous planning leads to super success. How many will tell you that sometimes not planning also helps.?
I am not kidding.  In the race to a perfect designer life, sometimes we do not see the abstract elements which shape our lives.We do not factor that in at all, in fact in most cases we are either ignorant or take it for granted.

You know the world will tell you to mitigate risks or de-risk your plan of action.Yet some of the most successful people in the history of mankind have been so because they took risks.Their risk appetite was good. Having a good risk appetite also means that you are less worried.Less worry means a fresh- er brain.A fresh-er brain means better ideas. Better ideas mean more options, more options lead to more chances of success.

So its ok to not plan sometimes and let things flow the way they are.Save energy for the new battle  in front of you. Having said that,  I am not advocating procrastination or stagnation.I am saying after all your efforts to make something happen are done, sit back and relax.Don’t try and overdo any thing.Let things take its course,and you be ready to take up the next challenge.

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