1st Day at School

Today I sent my little one for her first day at school ! Expecting a big ruckus,I was mentally preparing myself since yesterday. Wifi was pretty nervous,and excited infact more than the little one. ! Lights were switched off early..on the lines of early to bed early to rise…

The school starts at 8.30 and we were up by 6.30! little one got up at 7 as usual, with a what-are-you-hassled about look? We felt juvenile for a moment.Then it was back to the rush.

I took the day off work,thinking this is going to be a long day.Breakfast was ready and the little one was all dressed up looking like an angel.The voice inside me was going i hope she is like this all trough day.otherwise its not uncommon for the little one to be either extremely shy or extremely naughty. She can play both the roles with great panache. we were quietly hoping she finds her balance today.
Little one these days has a mind of her own.She knows what she wants. this takes me back a few years when I bumped in to this kid ,must be 4year old at the time,or thereabouts,I was a new uncle then, as in I had just stepped into unclehood.I was supposed to ask uncle-like questions..so I did.Said what do you want to become when you grow up? The kid said confidently – Engineer. I was like O-my-Gawwd. These guys are so focused so early in life.and immediately tried to think what i was thinking at 4 ! Felt bad I didnt even know the word engineer too well let alone figure out what i want to do in life…in fact come to think of it..i still don’t. But anyways, after some moments of “flabbergastness” – I managed to regain my composure and decided to prod a bit further.I mean if he knew he was going to become an engineer, then I am guessing he would know which faculty as well.?Right? only logical.!so i gathered some courage and asked him – hey kiddo – wo what kind of engineer do you want to be ? Secretly hoping inside that he wouldn’t know ..i mean it is good if he did, but ….anyways, the boy looked at me intently.,the tension was building within me,o-my-gad- here comes the answer from a 4 year old kid who not only knows that he wants to be an engineer but also konw what kind of an engineer he wants to be! Can you imagine the magnitude of this.?
He blurted – Kooo jhig Jhig jhig…uhh? I was taken aback.he said I want to be an engineer …the one who drives the train engine. ! Koo jhig jhig…

I burst out laughing..also a little bit relieved that innocence is still intact even today.!

Snap back to present, I quickly prayed to the Lord almighty,asked Him to do me a favor , and bless the little one and give her the wisdom which He was so stingy in giving me at the time !

We set off for school.and while in the elevator -there was this old man who very uninhibitedly spoke up looking at the little one – “very small huh?” to which puppah quipped “guess what, you were small once too,isn’t ?
Sigh. Some people just can’t hold up their curiosity when they see the little one wearing specs. My better 3/4 this gave a glare and said stop being mean. Or ws I nervous?
Anyways,we set off walking,
which was just a 300 mts. from home.
Mumma,Puppah,naneee all went to see her off.now she was thinking it was a picnic. the truth would strike her in just a few moments when she realizes that we’re not going to be there.

In front of the school gate,the little one started to figure it out and immediately went into her super shy mode,hiding behind mumma.

After about half an hour cajoling we managed to convince her that she could play here without any worry. All seemed well…till the new teacher showed up…with a plastic smile, glasses and a I-don-like-you-but-this-is-my-job-so-have-to-smile.

Puppah was increasingly looking like the hulk,getting ready to snap. Somehow managed to control.more mumma’s and puppah’s came to see their little ones off.some just started chatting, some lamenting.i kept quiet.

the time has come to go into the class.the little one became the clip on of the century.firmly clipped onto to mumma.Mumma had to go in to the class to get her started….and then magic happened. She slid into her chair.Played with the abacus.Ate her sandwich [whoa! – getting her to eat at home was a night mare] and she mixed well with her new classmates ! She was the perfect angel. I was totally flummoxed – this was really unbelievable.

Since most of us will not remember our first day at school,i wanted to have a collection of the earliest memories. So when the little one grows and wants to know what she did on her first day at school she’ll have enough food for thought.

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