2nd Chance

So, does life give you a second chance? If it did, would the world be any different? Or would we repeat the same mistakes all over again? How many mistakes are circumstantial and how many are because you miscalculated? Would you rather get over with this life somehow or brave a re-run if given a second chance?

The moment you start to think a little more deeply  you will realise, as is evident from the questions above,that there are so many questions that pop up.It s not a simple black and white answer, nor is it a  no-brainer.But think about this  if you could turn back time, and yet keep the same knowledge as you have today – then it might be not so bad.

Life is unfair, but when special situations like these pop up- then we need to consider that life is fair.That said, if you are allowed to go back in time with the same memory as you have today, then you would have to give everyone an equal opportunity. Isnt it? So now picture if all of us went back into time together and changed the course of history – what a new mess that would be?

If everyone was granted their wishes, or corrected their mistakes,then the world would be in chaos. You have to keep in mind that both good and bad people think they have made mistakes or have missed opportunities.Imagine the consequences if Hitler got a second chance? Would he regret and change or would he unleash hell like never before or ever since.?

So the best bet is to remain the present and keep moving, even if you have made mistakes in life.Someday, life will give you an opportunity to redeem yourself in some platform or the other, either by rectifying the mistake or maybe even doing something good for someone else.It is important for us to realise and learn and remember our lessons in life and keep walking ahead. There will be a good turn somewhere around the corner…




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