Accidentaly Wrong

We live in a world of stereotypes.Everything is judged and decided and agreed upon by consensus.Common incidents,accidents,events everything has a precedence.But sometimes when the obvious does not happen ,there are precedence for the unobvious to happen as well, but we rarely believe or subscribe to that idea.

If you are driving a car,and a pedestrian comes in front and an accident follows.There is almost a majority vote for who the guilty party is – add to that the media hype and God help you if you are rich or a celebrity and the person who died was perhaps a regular Joe. The car driver will be prosecuted by one and all on every possible angle – negligence, insensitivity,alcohol,abusive rich people, and the whole nine yards.

Now imagine if the driver was actually innocent. how on earth is he or she going to prove it? Who is going to believe it? It could just a quirk of fate that could change an entire mans life.There s nothing anyone can do except bend the system.So it would be actually funny to know that the innocent pays a bribe to be proven innocent. How ironic is that? In which case he is actually doing a crime to prove his innocence.

Imagine a woman complaining about harassment. The entire moral police will be up in arms to nail the pervert.His life is pretty much done after that.Now what if the guy was innocent?Think about a regular guy who accidentally brushes into a woman in a crowded train – not on account of his own doing but maybe someone else pushed him from behind unknowingly.But the net result is the woman is offended and hell breaks lose.Many a times there are some ignorant women who accidentally brush passed men but then no man raised hell.

Imagine a politician who is actually trying to do something for his region.And then a scam breaks. 9 on 10 times people will go oh-we-knew-he-was-a jerk expression.Getting himself out of the mess to prove his innocence would be next to impossible without a counter attack, which may or may not be possible at that moment in time.Again the mind will think about bending the system to get out of the sticky situation.

Now the above stereotypes are understandable because there might an overwhelming majority proving otherwise or proving the most obvious.There are enough and more callous drivers,pervert men and corrupt politicians everywhere to establish the stereotype.Having said that there are examples of how stereotypical opinions lead an innocent into a path of misery, how an innocent was proven guilty.Let us all pledge for a more mature view and an objective of a given situation and lets not be in a hurry to pass moral judgements.

Innocent till proven guilty is not without a reason.What if that one innocent was you?



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