Ad Revert

We kick off another cricket tournament with bands playing to empty stands.Good for the umpires I think as they can better hear those faint nicks and edges.So many matches have been lost due to bad umpiring decisions isn’t it ? Anyways, the point I am trying to make here – who is going to watch this?

most eyeballs will be during some part of the Indian batting display, arguably during the the first few overs and the last few overs.Which leads me to think how do the advertisers get their ROI? I mean is this not a measurable business? wonder how many products have doubled their sales volume by advertising in these matches? And if they didnt care – then that is another interesting aspect.
In this recession? economy there are executives who are wasting the company’s money on stuff which has no guaranteed ROI. Now who is stupid here?

Sometimes the ads are so repetitive that it almost has a reverse creates a negative image of the product in my mind.besides most people go for a break when there are ads in then who is capturing the eyeball returns? Come to think about it is there a mechanism to capture how many people noticed  a particular advert during a match and then went on to buy that item?

The ads still keep coming and the viewers keep muting their TV’s.

Your Thoughts?

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