Adrenalin & Corruption

Sustaining the anti-corruption mood over a period of time will be the biggest test of our times.

When the adrenalin dries up or slow down,it will then be the real test for India’s anti-corruption movement.

History is replete with instances where the “mango-man” (regular boke) has jumped into a “me-too” cause.He knows he wont get arrested,he knows there will be no social stigma, he knows his gossip vocabulary would increase later, his show-off quotient and internal morale booster will all add up. So plenty of incentives to out there with a tri-color painted on his face and shout slogans.

We didnt start the fire. We just fuelled it. One might argue, what’s a fire which has no scorch? It’s rage and fury can be only assuaged if it is a mass movement.Isnt it? Yet the irony remains, if we all did our jobs correctly, led an anti-corrput life ourselves,there would be no need for a fire at all.There ‘s no great credibility in crises management.The credit lies in preempting it .

Once this fervour dies down, and the “mango-man” goes back to work on a Monday morning, he will still pay Rs.20 extra to the auto driver,because he got late,or pay the constable a tenner and park in a no-parking zone,he will still pay the school “donation” to get the kids into the best schools,he will still pay for every thing he was always paying,citing there is no option reasoning “what-to-do?’


The question lying in front is what are you and I going to do about sustaining this movement.? Are we going to back -off when it starts to affect our lives directly? Are we willing to pay the price? Till such time you are debating about this question, corruption will continue to exist and even thrive – it is this very indecisiveness that serves as a catalyst for corruption.

Your life will unfold the way you want it – thinking of corruption as non-negotiable, for or otherwise will chart out the course for our future and the consequences thereof.

Think about it.



3 thoughts on “Adrenalin & Corruption

  1. We’re going to do whatever it takes to rid our society of this festering illness. It has been on for SO long and we need to STOP it. This anti-corruption movement gave us so much hope.
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