After End of the world.

No I am not talking about another  James Bond episode here. This about all those people who believe that the world is going to end on December 21,2012…and for those who dont.

Picture 23rd  December Sunday. Its a lazy Sunday morning and you are still yawning in bed.Cant seem to remember what party were you on Saturday night or who you were with.But you dont stress your mind too much. You scramble to find the remote.The television does not switch on. You think well it could be a cable situation.Curse the cable operator and slump back into bed.After sometime hunger pangs wake you up again.You crawl out of your bed, it still is dark inside since you have not opened any window blinds.A bit cold you think,no sunshine – must be a rainy day you reason and motor into the kitchen.

The fridge is packed with pizza  leftovers and some cola.That is your best bet at this point. Then you realize that the fridge is not working either. You hope the microwave is  – but that too seems to be dead.Its then that it strikes you that there is no electricity.What a bummer – a lazy Sunday morning and no electricity – no Big Bang theory, no Frazer no Simpsons and certainly no Desperate Housewives.That is a big cause for concern in your life at this point than anything else.

You decide to go down to the neighborhood coffee shop and eat some fresh hot breakfast. darn the lift is not working and the corridor is dark.Its the first time you notice that albeit a Sunday its quieter than usual.You take the stairs and clip clop down.As you exit the building,the sky is dark and a stiff breeze blows across your face.You look around and see devastation all around.An eerie silence.Only the wind blows.You have nowhere to go nowhere to hide.You realize suddenly that your apartment is the only apartment still standing among all destruction,and you are probably the only one alive.

You wonder is that divine intervention or a curse from hell?

Now lets walk down the more likely alternative.

Picture December 20,2012. You are nervous and counting hours before apocalypse hits the world.You have made preparations for days, informed ignorant fools of the impending day of destruction.You have stocked up your food items,taken extra clothing to keep warm and liquidated all your funds,wrote to all your near and dear ones and feel a sense of accomplishment that you will leave this world satisfied that you did what you had to and have no regrets.

ITs the D -day and unlike popular belief its not dark outside – the sun is shining brightly and the weather forecast is just perfect.But you dont lose hope – after all its just Friday morning – the day is yet to finish and things could change dramatically.You stay indoors glued to the television seeing similar people panic and run around all over the world.Various news coverages,reality shows and merchandise sales go over the roof.

You are hungry but dont feel like eating.ITs already 2PM in the after noon and still no change – everything looks just the same.You dont lose hope still,since the evening could be sinister perhaps.You remind yourself  – morning never shows the day. Just then the lights flicker – ah there is the first sign – it is beginning now you think and brace for whatever is coming.You smell fire somewhere , oh my god – its really happening, your heartbeats are faster – just then you realize that the smoke is coming from your kitchen.You had left the pizza in the microwave for too long! You scamper to get the smoke out of your home,open the windows and then reality hits you – if you are expecting to die – then why try to save yourself?

Friday goes by without any more drama and you are now on to the weekend.Your hope is dwindling now.People seem to be celebrating end of the world as a party theme over the weekend and you are crouched inside your apartment.Finally you go back to bed after a scotch on the rocks and drift off to sleep contemplating the next planetary alignment.

Here’s a fundamental question: if the world were to really end,and you knew it for sure, why would you worry in the first place I am guessing there wouldnt be much to do  isnt it? Besides if you did survive the end of the world,what fun would it be to be alive all alone.? So , in a nutshell – the world can never end on December 21st because its already December 22nd somewhere in the planet.!



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