All that matters

When your back is against the wall, the only way , is to move forward.

Easier said than done huh? But if you look closely, you made a choice.You made a fearless choice and you moved ahead.You made a decision.And that is all that matters – and in your control. The next choice you are likely to make is to never be in that situation again.Yet another step forward.The next choice you make is to figure a way out of the mess and learn. Another choice. And step by step, choice by choice you get your true path, you get your life back on track.

In the middle of every action and reaction there are decision to be made. If these decisions deliver the goods,then it was the best decision ever, and if they dont then you were the biggest fool in the history of mankind! The choices we make, make up our lives. If we chose to get hurt, we chose to fail ,we chose to accept defeat then  that’s what awaits us. If we chose fight, if we chose to learn, if we chose to rise – then that’s what awaits us in the future.Simple isn’t it?

Just when you thought you’ve cracked the code of life, or how to lead it , there comes along an example,which defies logic, history, precedence, or any level of sanity. It could be an incident, instance, moment of madness, or a person or a group of people, it could also be  a natural disaster,a calamity or even accident, which presents itself in your life when you least expect it.

Who do you  turn to ? You turn to people who have had similar experiences and have come up trumps,or your parents, or your friends. And what do they give you? They give you a solution which is best suited for them no matter how well they package it as best suited for you.Its because their brains function in that particular way to come up with a particular solution.But that doesnt really help you.

It defies a fundamental premise of human existence. That we are unique. And if we are unique , there can be no one size fits all kind of a solution to our problems.All solutions need to be unique. Mathematically,certainly possible, but in generally rarely acceptable.So now you’re left with a unique problem with a unique solution – but who is going to give it you? No one.

Its you who needs to get to that solution alone. Its you ,who will best understand the gravitas,the implications and the consequences.And it will be you who is left with a choice to make about which path to take.The result or the outcome of that choice will determine how your life shapes up – either being a predator or the prey.

And in the end all that matters is whether you are happy with the choices you made or not, so you better get it right the first time around,because a second life, is still a virtual reality !




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