Unknown Angel

The world is designed to use more brains and less heart.

Ever since you were born,you were expected to increase your brain function.Not that it is a bad idea,but in the process of developing the brain,you tend to lose the focus on developing the heart. So when someone says listen to your heart,I often wonder is that message coming from the brain or the heart? A shrinking world,with eroding resources,and constraint in spaces,has little time or hope for the heart.

Its a luxury,an indulgence perhaps,to listen to the heart. Mostly heard when someone has no where else to go or nothing else to do.Its almost become an apologetic tone. Where are those who still have passion,emotion and conviction,to go the distance listening to their heart? The society appreciates heart,for sure, but through their brains.Its like a calculated risk.

I am trying to think of leaders, kings,warriors, in the history of time,who only heard their heart out and were successful. There are a few in the corporate world for sure, some mavericks.A classic example is the movie Jerry McGuire .Tom Cruise listens to his heart and quits his high paying job. He goes through heart withdrawal symptoms,regretting his move.And when his back is against the wall,he starts to believe in his heart and go forward.In thee end it works out well for him.

So the moral of the story is,if you listen to your heart, you’re in for trouble,at least initially, and then it works out eventually, till perhaps your brain takes over again. My question is – why should it be difficult to listen to your heart ? Why are people so less tolerant?  People only take notice once you’ve made it to the summit.Who cares about the journey? Therefore,great artistes,or corporate visionaries are few and far, most follow the herd, very few take charge and create a path. Safety,is always the first policy.Exploring the unknown angel is not something most people try upfront.

So get out there,and do something on your own, go ahead find your unknown angel.


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