aRE1U Captcha-erd?

  2. ASSUBA10
  3. Kuchha2dri
  4. ulangbanDAR2
  5. punGenFAr2

In case you thought I am going nuts, hold on.

These days posting a comment on someones blog is becoming a hilarious experience. CAPTCHA the fraud detection software, comes up with quite unbelievable words.

I have a feeling CAPTCHA is instinctively  tracking our moods , here’s why –

  1. For the angry blogger – fUkCHA4sur
  2. For the sad blogger – TeaR1ng
  3. For the Philosophical blogger –  L00St1
  4. For the Happy blogger – Cl1Kmi2Oe
  5. For the Political blogger – VoST1ng

Strange but true. Just wait till you see the Facebook  CAPTCHA’s  they for two words and they are equally hilarious.You can find them if you post a link on the status message or want to attach a file etc. Here are some examples –

  1. LesS Du2Gthr
  2. Mi H&enUF
  3. Luk 2BubS
  4. NuT2 KrAC
  5. HeN1 PaCKD

Now you know why people get annoyed. Such is the complexity that they have even enabled how it sounds.I wouldn’t go into that. However, it makes me wonder the impact of  CAPTCHA on our daily lives.

Picture this you go to your local grocery store – and want to buy a packet of biscuits and the counter guy goes – Whats your CAPTCHA ? Or for that matter take your kid for admission to school and the principal asks I hope you have prepared well for your CAPTCHA exams ? Or  at a job interview the hiring manager asks -so what is your CATCHA track record ?

The possibilities are endless.Let us hope our lives dont get CAPTCHerd forever!!

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