Area 51 – A Rational View

Finally there was acknowledgement on the much discussed, much debated Area 51 by CIA and with that scores of rumors were put to rest.

Just as one disclosure clears the air, there are hundreds that cloud it.The UFO theory was promptly dismissed.Nothing wrong with that since if aliens were here already whats the point in making a big hue and cry over it and setting a global chaos in motion? People just need a little nudge to trigger a debate let alone a full fledged disclosure.Then there are a million hoaxes that come up with bizarre claims.And that is where the truth drifts  the farthest from reality.

Now if Area 51 is acknowledged – then what does it prove or does not prove that we already know about? I mean what is the point of disclosing it now? Does that signify anything? Is there a message in that too ? The conspiracy theorists will have  a billion questions but for the regular Joe – its back to Monday morning and with that comes the necessaries of life  like a job, food,family etc.  where, I pray, is the time to think about aliens or Area 51?

How does it affect my life? Nothing. Zilch. Its important for people to get objective about this. There is no point in debating if aliens exist – because if they did the Oprah would be interviewing them by now or they would be a part of a museum for science and technology.Connecting aliens and Area 51 is like adding fuel to fire.Just because it is a , or rather it was an undisclosed location, it does not equal capturing aliens.

One fundamental assumption made here is that Aliens are advanced in technology.That said what stops them from rescuing their slain soldier (another assumption is that they can die?)Come to think of it – why would the aliens want be  captured for years and not make a noise about it? ( Assuming Roswell triggered global interest in the matter) Why would their brethren not invade Area 51 and launch an search and rescue mission? Or is it a valid thought that they are not advanced, perhaps more underdeveloped than humans? What a bummer that would be eh?

So its pointless getting all excited about this acknowledgement or its previous denials.The phenomena, if it really exists,will be larger than life, and canot be controlled or hidden – if and when aliens decide to show up – it just might be on prime time and not somewhere in the Nevada desert or a remote corner of some obscure mountain range.

There are enough scientific researchers and agencies that are doing tireless work to make this myth come to a reality, add to that the non-hoax videos on youtube that capture the odd anonymous flying object quite well, quite undisputable.It could well be, that at a later point we could come to know of these genuine videos were that of experimental aircrafts being designed by military or scientists. Which is in my view, is quite logical and believable.

What fascinates me though is what if this footage or photos were old, that of pre technological evolution era? Then there would be no precedents to have that image unlike in modern times where if you saw a triangle shaped object floating in the sky, you wouldn’t flip out. Your mind is now trained, fed, numbed to that design courtesy movies,media and internet.There could be an element of aerodynamics which we do not understand – or know about at this point – however, it could well be a man made creation – just like the first three laws by Newton.

Im sure it was quite unbelievable to the people back then to comprehend such a ground breaking theory but today its a law.Period. Likewise, what we dont know today could be a law tomorrow,and it could well be made or created unless conclusively proven otherwise. Till that day, comes,we will have to carry on with out lives knowing fully well, that mathematically it is quite possible to have more living beings across the universe and like Carl Sagan said ‘ it would be such a waste of space if we were all alone in the universe’ – with or without Area 51.



3 thoughts on “Area 51 – A Rational View

  1. I remember having watched a documentary on area 51. It had intrigued me at that time. But i agree with u. Its a hype triggered out of man’s love for the unknown. Personally, i don’t think aliens with such superhuman minds exist. They may be in the form of insects, animals or plants. Not intelligent enough to invent speedy rockets n fly into our domain

    • Thanks for your comment. I think till such time we find undeniable proof of an EBE,we can only fall back on mathematics and probability calculation.I do wonder if it is possible to get lost in the vastness of the universe that no one can find us or vice versa.While most of the claims are hoaxes, some of the footage captured is quite interesting. Only science and time will tell us which one of them is true.

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