Bad Guys Pay ?

In life we come across good guys and bad guys.Depending on the situation you re in,the ratio changes.As much as the noble souls we all are there’s a little devil sitting right inside.Waiting to peep out and make his presence felt.We constantly fight this conflict in the mind to keep the little devil from distorting our thoughts.But today, lets talk about what the little devil actually wants to say.Yet there is such duality in our minds that when it comes to us -most of it sounds justifiable – but if others are evil then that is not acceptable ?

Here are some dual possibility situations where the lil’ Devil actually is at it’s best –

  • @ work –
    • When will I see him/her  suffer?Fail? Get fired perhaps?
    • When will I see my curse come true?
    • When will I see that I can do dirty politics without batting an eyelid?
    • When will I see that I have actually taken someone’s happiness ?
    • When will I see that Someday is today.
  • @ Television
    • When will I see the corrupt politician be whipped in public?
    • When will I see the perpetrators of innocence be brought to book?
    • When will I see a criminal trial end quickly?
    • When will I see  the Real News instead of dcotored content?
    • When will I see those voyeuristic audiences of a reality show feel ashamed themselves?
  • @ Society
    • WTF !!
    • When will I see people stop bull-shitting under the garb of being politically correct.?
    • When will I see the guilty exposed and humiliated?
    • When will I see the civic-senseless people be fined?
    • When will I see the errant driver punished?
    • When will I see the smart Alec get outsmarted?
  • @ Religion
    • When will I see those people suffer who misinterpret religion?
    • When will I see those people die a painful death who kill others in cold blood?
    • When will I see those communal politicians getting ostracized from their own community?
    • When will I see raping priests be castrated?
    • When will I see blind followers see reason not emotion?

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Come to think of it – if this process was more active and say real time – it would prevent so many people from doing wrong. Fear of getting punished will certainly have its effects on such people.There are so many such fleeting moments in your everyday life that you just wish for the devil to go and unleash the wrath.Good books will always tell you to hold on, be patient, keep working, and you ll see the result….but the fact of the matter is we almost never do…sometimes not even in our lifetime.Very rarely do we see the wrongs set right – at the right time.  ↑ there are you listening?

When will the good guys make the bad guys pay?

Your Thoughts?

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