Bad Memories

We all have it t some point in time,yet only some of us know how to handle it.

There is an overwhelming majority of people who succumb to it and live a life of negativity and frustration.Their memories dictate their future. Their present is a complete mess because of the past.So how do these people manage to get on with life? What does one do to overcome bad memories.?

We often hear positivity yields positivity messages from different channels – be it spiritual gurus like Deepak Chopra’s of the world, sometimes on television by various so -called experts and mostly from our friends or family who care about us.But somehow these work only up to a certain point – beyond which the haunting memories keep pushing their way back into our every days lives.

So how does one deal with it?

I think this is one battle no one can win for you.You’ ve got to deal with it on your own terms.There is no other way but to get extremely objective about that memory.The more emotional you are about it – the more it will hurt and the longer it will last.So be objective about it – say to yourself that it was a moment in time which was not favorable, which didnt work, but the idea is to move on.Isolate that incident and carry on forward.Slowly, over time some bad memories do fade away and some get resolved forever…and the ones that don’t leave them hidden somewhere deep inside.

Facing the issue head on is something which most people would advise,however sometimes just parking it aside to get to a better mental strength is not such a bad idea.Most importantly , you have to ensure that your present does not get affected.Sometimes, learning the art of indifference also helps.Having a low need for approval will certainly have less people affect you.Though be careful not to become unapproachable or a recluse.

Life is grey.There will be a need to coexist in right and wrong at the same time.So get up go out there and live your life to the fullest.Yes you will make some mistakes, yes you will have some bad memories – but the dont screw up the rest of your life thinking about them.learn from them,and be objective enough to neutralize the pain and you will see world is not such a bad place to live in…

Cheer up.




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