Bangalore Deadlife

The latest notice by the authorities prohibits music to be played post 10PM. Let me play the soothsayer here.

Imagine if this is the trend,then here are some more suggestions :

  1. Bring back prohibition ! No Alcohol no Crime. Right?
  2. No one should work beyond sunset or say 6PM. It increases “nefariousness”
  3. Women should rather be in the kitchen. Afterall cooking is their forte isn’t it?
  4. Cancel all night shows in movie theaters. Or switch on lights in the movie hall.
  5. Enforce curfew after 10PM. Why go out in the night at all eh?
  6. No classical concerts in the night either. Zakir Hussain needs to sleep by 10PM as well.
  7. No movie shooting after dark. Who wants to see dark movies anyways.?
  8. Shut airports.(Music plays there too)  Night flights are bad for the health.
  9. Shut hospitals by 9PM.  Doctors,of all people, certainly need this welcome break.
  10. Shut cable TV after 10PM. Who wants to watch MTV after 10PM anyways?

…and the list goes on. If any authorities need more suggestions to improve deadlife  nightlife in Banglaore,please feel free to add more to the list above.

But jokes apart, you know there will be debates,outrage and protests and life will circle back to where we started.Heres how :

  1. Hue and cry by pro nightlife public.
  2. Safety and security stand by authorities.
  3. Moral policing stand by conservatives.
  4. Cops hovering into hotspots well before 10PM.
  5. Trigger point for more corruption.
  6. Some more news paper articles.
  7. Armchair protests.
  8. People find new ways to adjust.
  9. Crime rate still on the rise.
  10. In 6 months new deadline at 9PM.
  11. Repeat the above.

So what is the solution ?

Just like a central business district, have a central party district or a central music district. Think about Singapore, one the most evolved and advanced cities of our time. They have a place called Clarke Quay where restaurants and nightlife thrive.I think it s a great idea, because you have all the like minded people in one spot or area – they can party all night without having to disturb any neighbors. Centralising all nightlife in a particular location will help better people management,promote night life, improve image of the city as a cosmo-hub,increase jobs, feed hungry people,de stress over worked people,and most important is bringing Bangalore at par with a Singapore or New York at some level.

Having said that,Its not that one is ignorant about the problems created by drunken brawls, or loud music but it cannot be a selective treatment. For example, I stay in a place which is surrounded by 3 mosques and 3 temples. The Azaan and Bhajan are played way above permissible noise levels  – but who’s complaining? Getting disturbed by the loud rendition of a religious text,it does not mean I disrespect it.But I genuinely do get disturbed, because after slogging at work you need to be sleeping peacefully in a  noiseless environment.Its as simple and basic as that.  But am I complaining no? Why? Because I know its for the better benefit for a larger audience.I have to respect their belief system.Because I respect not only my religion but others as well – and I ve learned tolerance from my family. In the same vein, the conservatives, or the people who object to a night life need to be tolerant about the modern lifestyles no matter how unreasonable or unbelievable it may sound to them. This is a free country – A free democratic country,and people have a right to exercise their choices.

WE need to coexist. We need to let people lead their lives the way they want to. Without being prejudiced.Without being judgemental.Without being intolerant. This does not mean one gets away with lawlessness. Or I am not advocating a no governance society. All I’m suggesting is ways and means to find out a solution so that all sections of the society can coexist peacefully and happily.

There is no correlation to an increase in crime to the night life in Bangalore.That theory is not even worth debating.After all these curbs ,checks and balances,the crime rate is only second to Delhi at a national level.! So who are we kidding? The jury will always be out on this because,we can never say that crime is more because of bad policing or lack of policing!  And yet there are umpteen cases of police harassment cropping everyday.

In conclusion, I’d like to suggest that shoving a problem under the carpet does not solve it.It still lies there . Please bring it up,before the world triggers a perception about Bangalore being an unfriendly conservative city which is best avoided. After all perception travels faster than reality.



Written for speakout section in Times of India.

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