Best Blog Misnomer.

Creativity is inversely p….

While the effort to go through this mammoth task is commendable,it is imperative we keep in mind niche blogs. Typically, niche blogs do not rely on quantity/frequency since it is inversely proportional to creativity.Quality stuff takes some time to generate.
This is not to say,those who do generate content frequently are not doing a great job.

Everyday blogs,focused on current issues are the most frequent and takes lesser pressure to deliver.In essence one is simply stating and or detailing an incident which occurred in and around their lives – not sure if that’s too difficult to do on a regular basis.

Contests are a good source of inspiration for a few bloggers,though for most its a chance to get “visible” in the maze of the blog world.With most contests still being judged on a popular vote, it works for both the blogger and the host.Some genuinely good content often gets labeled as boring, simply because it does not serve a mass consensus, and some senseless stuff get promoted because the person in question is more popular or visible as the case maybe.

Time is a key element for visibility.The common practice is that more you visit and comment ( specially nice goody-goody stuff)the more visitors you get in return and hence graduate into the so-called “power blogger” zone -in which case whatever you post is certain to hit hundreds of eyeballs.

For the under pressure office worker, weekends are the best bet.If you are married then the chances and scope are lesser as you have different time allotment priorities.That leaves us with a majority college crowd and net savvy housewives who make the most of it,and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So, in a nutshell,to categorize some blog as a “top” blog or “premium blog” is mostly a misnomer.Similarly,it is also true,that some of the blogs which are popular and top blogs, have some wonderful content and are truly worth spending the precious hour of availability.

As  they say,somebody’s crap is someone’s work of art – only mass consensus defines its fate.


10 thoughts on “Best Blog Misnomer.

  1. Blogging is an art of ’congregating’ readers around your blogging world. For some commenting is a source for getting readers and for some actual readership should be beyond the blogging community – the readers who source google and arrive at it and become fans of the site. But at the end, as you finally mentioned ’somebody’s crap is someone’s work of art’ but we cannot deny the fact some really good bloggers go unnoticed just because they don’t ’socialize’ at the right place, at the right time with the right tools.

    • It is afterall the battle between socialism and capitalism thats dogs the world today isnt it? No one will ever be able to decide conclusively what works the best for all. One just has to stay true to the integrity of purpose and nothing else.

  2. How will you choose a premium blog or a top blog? There are too many parameters upon which it is based. It can happen that one blog post could be well like by many but you might not like it. It can happen that the blog that has more comments and visitors even though the content is below par can be chosen as a premium blog.

    There are many such blogs that have excellent content but do not have many visitors because they fail to mingle and get to know other bloggers. How will the world know that the blog exists, if there is no give and take of information and ideas?

    • The question is whether or if popularity is the right measure for quality isnt it? Getting noticed in a maze means one would always need to stretch for a reason different than the actual purpose of why one writes.Slowly, it creeps over to your content – as one starts to write what the mass consensus wants to read – therefore diluting the purpose in the process.

  3. Totally agree with you on all you have said, its strange what people will do to get some people to their blog, I have experienced a few such events..

    You can’t descide which is top blog as each one has their own way, I could blog everyday.. now I have to wait for free time..

    Moreover end of the day one blogs for themself then why does it matter where it is .. if one wants recognition then they have to do a lot of non ethical things too..

    • Bikramjit – there is a fine line between inviting someone to read your blog versus hounding him, between a cosmetic compliment on someones blog and genuine appreciaton without expecting a return.

      I believe it is ok to let people know that you write or have written something but to pester them repeatedly is not proper – common sense is abundantly vailable,but rarely used .

  4. I never judge a blog. Sounds diplomatic but true. Everyone has different reason for blogging. Some write to satisfy their urge to write, some for fame, some out of boredom, some blog for money, some for prizes, some for marketing, and some for totally random reason best known to themselves and the reasons keep changing with time and situation.

    I started blogging out of curiosity about the medium much before social networking came to our lives. With time, reasons changed so did the platforms. Rediff, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, ReBlog, Aminus3; I tried them all. If you know me for long enough you would have noticed changes in my online behavior as well. If you ask my top blog than I would very well show you my blog that has been inactive since the last 2 years, but if you ask me about others I would be very well be found pointing individual posts.

  5. Hi Gyanban, First time on your blog! The point you raise is pertinent. I think one must not be too worried about categories — premium blog, popular blog or whatever. Blogging is all about expression and interaction. Blog what you feel passionately about and make a real effort to interact. Because, at the end of the day, most of the blogs we visit are because of the people writing them. There are very few blogs I visit where I don’t interact with the blogger at all no matter how esteemed it is. To call all popular blogs craps would be wrong and to call all unpopular blogs good would be wrong too :). And, those who are hammering you repeatedly to read their blog is a big turn off. At the end of the day, your content and your personality will shine through! My two cents.

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