Johnny be good!

It was okay for Johnny to be good back in those days, but now Johnny needs to be the best at everything from cradle to the grave.

Designer babies are brought into this world with utmost planning and calculation. School admission cycle, seasons, financial year ending or even a quarter close are just a few examples of how many things the “planned” parent considers for their designer child. Needless to say, the designer baby has to have a designer hospital. It has to be the state of the art incubator, facility and best in class doctors. Of course who wants to risk?

Best kindergarten to the best college and along the way best of everything from clothes to toys, from best of junk food to holidays, from best of gadgets to ergonomically designed study tables. Life couldn’t be better bester (sic). What is the best time to have chicken pox? What is the best time to address the tonsil issue or even the emotional development quotient? Ah their Johnny cannot waste time. Period.


Then when time comes for these designer babies to go out into the big bad world they have a completely different view of how life is  and how it should be according to them. Therefore they begin to spawn ideas, habits and connect with similar people.Lo and behold they do find similar people. Lots of them in fact but they are not happy beyond a point. After all the same best logic applies. Which is to say ,yes you are like me, but I am not like you , because I am better  best. Johnny then goes on to change everyone’s views on how life should be, how people need to think, how they need to do their job better, how they could have done their job better and the whole “ten” yards.

By middle age Johnny’s have arrived in life already. You can spot them easily. Take a game of table-tennis or badminton for example. Obviously they are the most vocal and they make sounds like ah it was so easy, steady and you can do it at every shot. They have to win at any cost because they don’t know any other way. Lord help those who win against them. Middle age Johnny’s  linger that feeling for a longer time and then wait like a scorpion to strike when the next given opportunity arrives. of course all under the hood of polish and suave and if you’re lucky, even a touch of humor.

Old age Johnny’s are mostly the big daddy’s of their universe. Money commands their respect. People listen to them and not argue back. They in fact laugh with them cry with them and feel exactly like them at most times. They have made their lives uber successful in terms of future security, their designer children’s future and their children’s future  – everything is planned and executed as of yesterday. When old age Johnny’s die – it is made sure they have the world wide web around them crying and secretly worrying who’s going to get “it”? Am I the chosen Johnny ? Have I not been a good Johnny to him ? And then the cycle is complete when the new Johnny is chosen. For the rest of us, we keep thinking, where did the Average Joe get lost? Was life always designed for Johnny  or did Joe have a chance to survive?

So Johnny be good is a misnomer today, it should actually be Johnny be best! Go.Go.Go.



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