Bollywood Awards

So how does one define the Indian film industry.? There are many versions of the definition as there are many definitions of the version.So now with so many variables imagine how would you recognize performance and award people? Looks to be a mammoth task isnt it.?


To put it simply,I think they are not to be treated like the Oscars, because the comparison will be oranges to apples.Be it IIFA awards or the Filmfare awards they essentially convey the same message.So here are some observations which are common across these awards.


  • Treat these awards as one big family function.
  • Expect shameless self promotion.
  • Expect emotions to overflow.
  • Expect cheap vulgar comedy.
  • Expect some touch of class.
  • Expect hot dance performances.
  • Expect predictable winners.
  • Expect gorgeous looking women.
  • Expect fake happiness.
  • Expect looping scenes (if you are watching on TV)
I am sure there are more,but if you can handle this,chances are you will enjoy the affair.Now when you compare the same with the Oscars here’s what you will find –
  • Treat these awards as one big stiff lip party.
  • Expect subtlety (not saying it is a bad thing)
  • Expect wisecracks – which often dont crack.
  • Expect audacious dressing sense.
  • Expect the odd weirdo on the red carpet.
  • Expect some seriousness about the authenticity of it all.
  • Expect identical emotions from actors just as they did in Golden globes,or other similar awards.
  • Expect better trimmed speeches.
  • Expect some emotions.
So there it is.take your pic.Suit your type.
However,I must say when the Bollywood functions happen abroad, I think there needs to be some more sensitivity about what you are showcasing to the whole world.You cant just dish out any crap and get away with it.But as they say show must go on and it does…

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