The world is united today with border disputes.

India, Pakistan, Baluchistan, China, Tibet, North Korea,South Korea, China, England, Scotland, United States, Mexico, Israel, Syria, Oman, Yemen, Fiji and Tonga , Russia ,Kazakhstan and the list goes on….

There is a conflict in thoughts, ideologies,with  a heavy dose of history as a side choses fit, Each claiming their authenticity over the other. The point is ,they are willing to lose lives, displace humanity,disrupt prosperity and growth and most of all live in perpetual state of unhappiness. The cause is so grave, so big to each of them that nothing takes precedence …not even commonsense.

It is important to know why people get in to a deadlock situation. Its because they cannot agree to disagree and move on. Its because they know once conceded , it is lost for ever. They fear if they allow once, then the opposite party will come back for more. they will be subject to the tag “loser” for the rest of their living memories. They’d rather die.

Its a simple basic emotion isn’t it. ? Winning is everything, at any cost. For all the wars that have ever been fought show me one victor who has not lost a loved one.Show me one victor who has not reassured himself saying it was all for a good cause, while bleeding inside everyday. The point is that people accept these losses as collateral damage. They get into this make believe world that they won the battle.


In modern times most border disputes are to gain strategic or economic advantage. Its really not about history. Now for a moment let us agree that one side gets a strategic advantage over the other. Then what? Naturally they would want more of their natural resources, come across as a bigger territory or a bigger nation. Then what? They would want more. Now doesn’t it sound a little like World War II history? So is that the goal?  If there was consistent disputes and disruption to humanity then  guns will outlive our lives. The whole planet will become a stockpile of weapons and destruction. Who do you rule then?

Sometimes, even the deepest conflicts have the simplest solutions. Common sense. All the warring parties should get into a room and decide on the most sensible thing to do…yes of course it will not be perfect, but then what is your smarter alternative? Keep fighting and keep dying? Not sure if that’s smart. More importantly, lot of the people they represent, lead, may not be in favor of a continued conflict. They are perhaps follow you because there is no other choice. Alternatively, if you didn’t want a democratic approach in the first place then you should let the world know . Why hide your Dictatorship ? Be bold.


Peace cannot be a result of bloodshed. We don’t need a borderline we need a broader line in the mind. So this message goes out to all the disputed territories around the world, break this unity on disputes and adopt diversity of peace.


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