Bullet Point

Pakistan and India have been exchanging cross-fire at the border for so many months. Each says the other fired first. Each said the other fired unprovoked. Each comes up with a greater war rhetoric than the other. And then…and then it begins again. The circle or should I say the circus goes on and on forever.

So I am tempted to ask what’s the point?

If you really wanted to go out for an all out attack ,then what stops you? Go on – kill each other silly. And then what happens? ( after you’ve pretty much wiped off half of the earth’s population) then what’s the point? What happens next? Ever thought about it?  What happens when you and I don’t exist ? Someone else comes in and shoes the way to live. Simple. So is that what you want ?

Or are you too naive to think that one of you will win the war ? I mean really ? Is the rest of the world going to sit around and watch ? Not really. Before you know someone or the other will jump in and or get sucked in. Then what is the point? Have  a world war 3 ? Is that the point. Really ? You’ve got to be kidding me. So no that is not the point – so you just want to keep fighting sporadically and keep the unrest on.

What you don’t realize is that some day and that day might come soon, when one of your people is going to snap – go rogue or out of control and trigger an all out water.Then what do you do ?  Say Oops! ..or say Oops too late ? Is that the point then? Silly don’t you think to keep bulleting each other.?

So relax, take a chill pill, let each other be, solve more graver problems like eradicating poverty, and making this world a happier place to be…than what you found. Isn’t that the point?








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