Butterfly Effect

Someone  once said today’s pig is tomorrow’s bacon.

Well I think it actually should read as somebody’s pig is someones bacon.Its about realizing the opportunity at hand. It is important that we realize that opportunities don’t necessarily come well- packaged with a label “pick-me-up” .

We have often heard the phrases “it’s my bad luck”, or “just missed ” or “it’s my destiny” ! Therefore the question to ask is  -What part of your life is based on luck, chance or divine intervention? Think about it.

If the answer is anywhere more than 5% then chances are you are not in control of your life. Every situation is unique,some argue with complete conviction.There is no solution – a road block they lament. Some close their eyes and wait for things to work out?And if they don’t, they  think “well this is my destiny”.What else could I have done under the circumstances?Are you the person who thinks every step you take could turn out to be a massive failure?Therefore take no step at all.

Ironically,If things do work out,then it was because of your smart thinking , skillful timing and a sharp intellect.

Small everyday work, which is often considered mundane,sometimes even below your dignity questioning your level of intellect, needs to be executed with full perfection.To be able to do something different, one has to do the basics right.Master the basics.Most people ignore this when they are in their early stages of their career, and by the time they do realize, it ‘s probably too late. No work is too mundane or too insignificant if you do it faster,better,and add value.No one will stop you from adding value,they are only scared that you might screw it up.hence the apprehension.

therefore small everyday efforts to perfect your life today ,will go a long way in making you a leader of a perfect life tomorrow.

The world is waiting for the next leader…always.

One thought on “Butterfly Effect

  1. yea.. the small decisions we make everyday cascade and cause big differences later! and as they say, “Luck Favors the Prepared.”

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