Career Block

A Career Block  happens to almost all people, in some form or the other, at some stage in life or the other.However,very few acknowledge and or understand it. Therefore the action to deal with it are also very different.

Here is a typical example –

You have been doing the same work for the last 10 years,without adding anything new to your portfolio. Some would argue that the more number of years you put under your belt the better it augurs for your career.

I feel the more number of years you do the same thing, the more redundant you are making yourself. Essentially, the irony is that the more perfect you get in your job the lesser you are required to do it. Your job has reached a perfected state where it is in an auto mode.A well oiled engine.

The question is what are you doing to stay valuable in the job? Why should you get more money to do the same job ? Just because you spent 10 years perfecting that job does not mean you are a successor to the throne.

You have to earn it  by adding new skill sets to your portfolio.This is will become the key differentiator between you and your peers.Add to that a dash of sucking up and voila – you are in the zone.

Like all things in life, this has a flip side too.The risk in adopting this approach is that if you miscalculated – then you could find yourself out in cold waters.If the diverse skill set focus is too irrelevant then, the average hiring manager or recruiter will think that you are confused.Your resume credibility may go down.

I would even go to the extent of saying plan your career/ work in such a way that it throws up the right key words in your resume.Like it or not, no matter how talented you are your success lies in the talent of recruiter.For he only  knows keyword search and would not give more than 30 seconds of interest to look through your resume.

So net-net, you need the diversity in your portfolio for sure,but make sure the diversity isn’t too dramatic.

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