CWG – We are like that only.

You know I truly deeply, madly hope that the colossal international embarrassment that comes in lieu of hosting the CWG in Delhi serves as a trigger to cleanse the country of slack administrators and corrupt officials.

Corruption,lackadaisical administration,no attention to detail,Yamuna over flowing, Dog feces,bridge collapse,shoot out,athletes pull out,and lets add a few more – like the games called off,the venue banned, and the country’s international image gone for a complete toss… well we wont be far off the point on the fate of CWG.

Hosting an international event with so many obstacles is only proving to the world that we are not yet ready to host a global event. Unlike say a South Africa or a Singapore.Where infrastructure and preparedness take a different meaning…and perhaps a different level of perfection and sophistication. The attention to detail is exemplary and the execution is near perfect. Now whay cant we do the same? Is it because the people? Or the attitude or the skill set or is it just about how we are?

A direct contrast to this is the cricket world cup or large cricket tournaments – which at least on previous occasions has proved to be a grand success. How everything fell into place like clock work even against the most trying circumstances.How suddenly perfection suddenly crept into the same set of people, well maybe not literally same set of people, but certainly the same ilk.

So why cant we replicate the same precision for the CWG ? Lack of interest, skill or outlook?  Or maybe it s the just the set of people involved.? You know for people living out of India sometimes it gets extremely uncomfortable when someone else remarks about your country.More so, since you know it is true.

Basically the point is – we are so busy dealing with problems internally that we seldom spare a thought to see the world outside.We rarely spare a thought of how our contry’s image will suffer on the global diaspora.People are busy with their own survival and existence that the global outlook is lost and somewhere relegated to the foreign ministers or the ministry of external affairs.

On the contrary there are countries that dedicate their time money and energy towards projecting a great global image – as their smart administrators know – a great global image will go a long way in attracting global business. This argument does not hold true for some people in India as  global business is already happening so what’s the big deal? What they, and unfortunately so, don’t realise is that what we see know is a just a fraction of the possibility –imagine the fully optimised potential.!

Therefore it leads me to believe,presume,and develop a bias ,that the average Indian is all about his immediate life and existence,let the country run with the people who put their hands up- after all we can always criticise them later on for letting our country down.

The debacle of the CWG is as much the failure of the administrators as much as it is ours,as regular people and our myopic outlook.Our careless and senseless behaviour  towards our country and its image world wide.

But you know, we are also a country of mass momentum.If we can generate a mass momentum be it for cleanliness or anti corruption or even civic sense, then the change will be quicker than you can imagine.All of us need to do it together and once it starts rolling there will be no looking back.

PS – I bet Pakistan media is going to go hysterical about CWG and how India was unable to pull off the show and establish a link to how bad the Indians are and how good and misunderstood lot they are…or their sports authorities are.!!

20 thoughts on “CWG – We are like that only.

  1. Yamuna overflowing? Do you have a choice? With the unexpected and unnatural rains along with the release of lakhs of cusecs of water almost every alternate day from Hathni kund, do we have a choice or say? What do you expect, build a Great Wall Of Yamuna along the whole length of the river?
    No attention to details? well if you are meaning the contingency in case of floods and rains, well Delhi has a history of very sparse rains and the last time it flooded was in 1978, but it doesn’t mean that it was not prepared, but tell me how much contingency plans can it be expectd to keep. Believe me the rainfall this time are unnaturally high.And there arereports too of some of the better preparation of things, but unfortunately they get hidden among the numerous criticisms that are flying everywhere.
    About the structures that are breaking down- ok fine they were prepared from low quality products or even that they were made in a hurry, but why all of them have started falling down now? i mean , it was still unused so can’t even say that it fell at the onset of slight pressure. These structures were up and about a few time back , so why now ? And the kutcha jhuggis behind our residential place hasn’t yet fallen down, so how come this steel and concrete structure fell just like that?

  2. India has the manpower and money to host many events like this, if only some corrupt officials held countries pride above their pocket!

    I posted something on CWG too, would like your views! 🙂

  3. I m playing the devil’s advocate. I want to ask you a simple question.

    Have you ever worked with Govt.? As in Contractor’s job.

    I think no, and I don’t think all those people who are criticizing the CWG or any corruption have ever thought of trying tho think from their side. You do a work of 25 lakhs and you are paid only 4 lakhs after 3 months of pushing after completing all the formalities which take another month. And it has nothing to do with corruption. It is the rules that are followed. So, sometimes the contractors make things that will work only upto a certain period of time. There are probably bridges made to last only till CWG. But, sometimes the calculations don’t work due to unseen events like rain.

    And do not compare CWG with Cricket World Cup, they both function differently.

    • You are right I have not worked in a contractors job..and am guessing neither have you – so that kind of neutralizes the stance for starters.
      I think your statement is very generic in nature. not all contracts have such obnoxious rules.Though I would agree we are plagued with bureaucratic red tapism since time immemorial. I think that is certainly a trigger for corruption – remember the term – too much power corrupts ?

      Are you trying to justify that it is ok to build bridges till the end of CWG since they re underpaid? Going by that warped logic, I think the whole system would have collapsed and India as a country would be in ruins by now. However I do think there are still some good people in the government and in the society who still do a good job.

      Again,no one is blaming the rain – but merely stating it as an added disadvantage to the whole mess.

      This post actually is not a criticism of the CWG officials only, it is asking a valid and pertinent question about us – when will we bring about that change? When will we change? It cites examples as people being capable of pulling off a huge international event “like” the cricket world cup. It is by no means a comparison…but just a suggestion. That if we can manage to do a good job of organizing mega cricketing tournaments…then we should be capable of doing the same with other large events because the modus operandi is more or less the same.. albeit the scale is larger.

      Get the drift?

      • I have worked with the government contractors so I got this viewpoint.

        And i am not trying to justify the bad quality. I’m just trying to say that the government should give sound deadlines to the contractors. If you want to do it fast, be ready to spend more money. Not just in contractors but also hiring more people to work in office to clear the bills faster. A contractor cannot pay from his pocket for a successful CWG.

        BCCI spends money so they have successful world cup. And they can afford to do that ,cos there is lot of sponsorships.

      • So are you saying you have engaged with the government agencies as a contractor for construction projects ?

        All i am trying to say is – that the fate, state, of CWG today is a direct result of the mindset of people involved, be it the government agencies, the contractors, or the construction workers …or anybody. We as a society need to change ourselves so that we can demand and expect the same behavior from others.

        It is about people. Their attitudes, their crisis management mind sets and skill sets instead of pre emptive management thought processes.

      • Better Said than Done. Things were pretty much better with more young & educated people in this field nowadays, but it will take few more years to change.

        P.S. – I was not in construction, I was rather in Research. But, consider the fact that the thigs in research is so bad than what is situation with construction contractors.

      • You mean things would be better with young and educated people right?

        It has been easier saying it all this’s time someone did something about it…and no better place to begin than our own-self.!

        Maybe all bloggers should unite to start an initiative and report it s progress..and jot down the obstacles on the way.

  4. Even after considering obstacles (floods, rain, red tape etc), the games could have been managed better. There was no one central authority, the tasks alloted were overlapping, and finally wishful thinking that everything will work fine in the last month or two has caught the organizers pants down. All prepartions should have been finished at least a year in advance. Why blame rains now?

    • I think SK was the central authority wasnt he ? It s not to do with the faulty system as much as it is to do with the faulty set of mindsets.

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