How many times have you heard yourself deny reality?

No this can’t happen. No this can’t happen to me. Why me? No I am not like this. No this and no that…you just deny and keep denying to the world to yourself.

Denial is like a defense mechanism for some people. The courage to accept truth is incomprehensible for them.They fret ,they wonder they assume,the fear,they ignore and do every other thing other than accept reality. Denial in my view should only be used positively.For example , you deny you fear of rejection, you deny your fear of failure you deny getting hurt. In other words you resolve to stay positive.

Denial leads to excuses. It gives you a false sense of security. It gives you an escape route, only to lead you back in with a thud.Which is more tough to digest. the earlier you get over denial the faster you find a way to tackle it.Besides,who are you kidding? I mean what is the point in bluffing to yourself ? You wont be able to sleep at night – it will keep playing on your mind.

So how do we handle note getting into a denial mode?

For starters,develop a low need for approval.If you know you are good,you are. Period.No one can or should be in a position to affect your confidence.Dont let go of that control of your emotions. Then get into the details. Go granular. Get to the root cause of the situation.Remove obstacles brick by brick. don’t worry about the end result. Always know that there is more to life. and that life will keep moving no matter what you think or others think for that matter.

Be it work,relationships,friends or family always be real.Be objective.Only then you will be closer to the truth.and If you are closer to the truth you will be closer to a solution.

Get Real!


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