I was at a plush club for the new year eve bash, albeit my mind was elsewhere. In spite of the glitz and glamour, my mind was preoccupied with disturbing thoughts of the crimes happening all around us.I couldnt enjoy the party at all. It made me wonder whether I should celebrate or not? It was a huge dichotomy.

On one hand if you did not celebrate,then you would have let the bad guys win.And on the other, with so much sadness around, what were we really celebrating about?In fact during the course of these last few days,when there is so much going on, 3 new incidents of rape and molestation were reported along with one acid attack. I wouldnt be surprised if you read in tomorrows news that there some more “new year party cases”!

So when you look around you- you see regular everyday people, but the fact that there could be a potential criminal lurking behind that mask of regularity is more scary or a potential crime waiting to happen is far more unnerving than ever.Yet if you look at it in a different way -then  this overwhelming sentiment in current scheme of things means,that there could also be a potential risk of misusing the sentiment for personal gain.

Needless to say it would be far easier for people in power to misuse this,but even your average Joe could get sucked into this.Imagine a man being accused of molestation – the overwhelming sentiment will ensure that he is prosecuted,exposed,punished,humiliated etc. But what if he was innocent? Who will listen or believe him  even if he has a tangible evidence.? Over the years, so many guilty people have screamed innocence ,and quite convincingly at times, that word innocence  is itself highly abused.People have lost faith and belief in the phrase “I am innocent” so many criminals, corrupt leaders, and sections of the society have used this word to buy time or deflect allegations that it has lost its essence.


So while we pour out our anger and frustration on these guilty people, let us not forget that there could be someone innocent out there who could get swept away unnoticed ,in this tidal wave of reforms.Let us pledge to become fair and just as a society and have  a sense of balance in this dichotomy.


May God Bless us all for 2013.


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