Dream Reality

If thoughts can becomes actions ,then dreams can become reality.The toughest part is believing that your dream could become real. And the path to unconditional belief  is tagged to fear of losing. The more you fear losing the long is the path to belief.Strange isnt it? It should actually be the other  way round.The more you believe,the lesser is the fear of failure.

Sometimes that belief is a leap of faith.Sometimes illogical and sometimes completely unfathomable.There lies the challenge.What does it take to overcome that mental conflict? What does it take for you to leap ? Gut feel ? Calculated risk ? I guess neither. It takes another belief. It takes another belief that even if this does not work then something else will. A belief that you can and will go on. A belief that you will make it happen.

On most occasions it is a big life changing event that acts as a trigger, you get influenced, impacted,or inspired by such moments in time and then it sets you thinking.You ask questions.You clear doubts and you begin to dream.So Dream on. Dream big.Dream what next…and above all, live that dream make it come alive.

All this activity in the mind will come  handy when you are in doubt the next time.It will remind you what got you here in the first place. Remember ,its your dream, your life so make it a happy one.

Make your dream real this new year!


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