Let me take you back in time. Remember the first time in school your heart fluttered? The fleeting sight of your high school crush is something you would cherish a long time even though the glimpse was just about a couple of minutes. Think about the world cup winning moment, the final shot, and you wanted that moment to last forever.Your first promotion at work – remember that heady feeling? The first time your new born clutches your fingers and slowly opens her eyes – remember?

What would you do to have these moments come back just once more? What would you do to extend those moments of joy, happiness and bliss? I guess most of us would reconcile that these memories will perhaps never come back, unless we had the boon of endlessness.Imagine a life where you could loop your happy moments over and over again,any time, whenever you re feeling down, just hit the happy loop.And before you know depression or sadness is out of the window.How cool is that?

Not that cool if you ask me. The more of endlessness would mean increased dependency on escapism and less of facing reality.Less of facing reality would mean continued frustration and continued frustration would lead constant sadness.So you see something so apparently good  could turn out to be actually not so good in the long run.

So the moral of the story is to enjoy the moment,while it lasts and not hang on to it for the rest of your life,instead,move and find newer moments to cherish and this constant movement from one instant to the other is endless even if you die. Life is about moving even after you die and that is perhaps a true state of endlessness.



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