Expectation Resetting -1

There are times in life when you need to reset your expectations. Be it at work or in personal life. Lets look at these in parts.

Lets be crudely biased here for a moment and classify different strata of working professionals today.

  1. Top notch -Ivy league education background
  2. Top notch – National education [Like what IIT+IIM]
  3. Top notch – Regional [ Like REC+ IIM or other Tier 1 B schools]
  4. Top notch regional Business Schools only education.
  5. Middle Level – Engineering and B schools
  6. Lower middle Level – Engineering and B schools
  7. Middle level B Schools
  8. Lower Junta B Schools
  9. No B school commerce graduate
  10. No B school arts graduate.

There are further subdivisions in each category but for now lets stick to these 10. Ironically there have been success stories right from 1 – 10.Bear that in mind.So technically no one is a loser.Or you have a hope that you can be a winner irrespective of your standing.Each of these 10 positions have a different and unique trajectory and career graph.Shold that graph not head in the right  and intended direction then they need a reset.

These 10 points need to be plotted against the following variables –

  • Need to work hard
  • Need to think hard
  • Need to innovate
  • Need to follow instructions
  • Need to become an entrepreneur.

Reset could be in the following forms –

  • Get a new job.
  • Start your own business
  • Get more qualification
  • Get more skill sets

and the other end of the spectrum –

  • Let go off responsibility
  • Forgoes promotion
  • Takes a break
  • Philanthropy.

Either which way it is a reset.

So lets dive into Cat 1. -The Ivy League bloke.

Typical characteristics – Everything has gone right for you in your life so far, childhood,education, enough money, right environment,good set of parents,and some nerdy friends.More often than not you have heard the term -“you are born with a silver spoon’ in your life so far. And now the world is your office.You have already arrived by virtue of your existence in this planet. Generally known to be aggressive and brash to some losers and articulate and politically correct to brethren or superiors.You do get bullied too.But shh. no one knows that except your dorm mates.

The Work life Reset – I believe, if you are from a specialist education background,IVY league and the likes, then the age limit goes down to hit big time.For example if you’re a Harvard or Yale or Wharton sort of a product then by the time you are 30 you should be on track to really big stuff. What is really big stuff is of course debatable.But nevertheless, a generic assumption would be that you head a mission critical function in large multinational. Then in a few years time you go on to become the chief or head your business and then retire early at your own sweet time.

So what is the cut off for this band? –  35. By this age if you’ve not arrived you are not going to be on track for super stardom.This is assuming all things remaining constant. We all know there are exceptions, but right now lets take them off the table and talk about the norm or the so called regulars. The way I see it – by 35 you should be in striking distance of a billion dollars net worth.Striking distance has a lower limit of $500 million. Anything below that – I think it should trigger an alert. What’s the basis of that? To understand that you have to visualize whats the end goal ? Where do you see yourself at 60 ? For high and mighty it is even more important to know exactly where you are headed…plotted down to the last granular detail.All angles covered inclusive of Tsunami’s terror attacks, recession etc. for every stone unturned you stand to risk losing a $100 million.

Therefore the trajectory could look something like this.

  • Age 35 – Business unit Head in a Tier 1 strata company.
  • Age 38 – Crossed over your billion dollar net worth.
  • Age 40 – You have introduced a new way the market can do business.
  • Age 43 – You have just entered Forbes list of fastest growing billionaires in the top 20 bracket.
  • Age 43 – You have a charity bill of about  a billion dollars.
  • Age 45 – You retire.

Now the fun starts when you are NOT in the zone – not on this trajectory.what do you do then? Your blue blooded brethren have whiter collars and bluer blood than you do.You are now looked upon as low life by superiors.Mind you folks below on earth still look up to you and revere your presence. But you are not happy, not satisfied.You want acceptance of brilliance in the highest form ,with the highest in the land.Without realising you develop a high need for approval for every single thing you do.And that in my books,is the first step down from the hallowed firmament. It’s slipping away my friend and you are trying to hold on to a  pole with honey on it.

What is your re-set strategy ?

What are you going to do now to stop sliding down,in the mind,and in the race.? Are you going to change the game ? Introduce a new angle? Introduce a new gamble or simply slide and find another pole in the lower strata ?This is the time to figure out your exit strategy as much as your survival strategy.You need to have a break-off point. Set a date to it – and back calculate the steps you need to take to achieve that situation.Assess your have’s and have not’s. Calculate the cost of have not’s in terms of time energy and money.Double exhaust your haves.Compond your strengths, exploit them doubly.

Then Execute. Failing which, Exit.


Restart on a new course.

In my next post we will discuss the expectation resetting for the next segment.

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