Act 1 – Evolution

‘Beautiful post.loved it.Awesome… you rock….’

DhinchakWriter  a.k.a  Dipak Jani, commented on a post titled ‘Zulu tribes and their Reality’ written by a fellow blogger…

After going through a few posts he was ready for comments of his own now.Excited at the prospect of his intellect getting appreciated in the blog world he hastened to add a few more ‘thoughtful comments’ to a few more posts. That was the trick -and they said ‘blogging was difficult work eh..’ smirked Dhinchakwriter at his self enlightmental entitlement , enlightment….whatever.

He had just finished writing his first post on a short story.It was unique,verydifferent from the rest,after seeing so much junk on the net – his post stood out of course….it had all the elements  – action emotion, love romance, drama and a shock an awe…and boy was it difficult to put in one page !

It was a grand story about how a boy met a girl.

He had secretly added some of his past escapades and blended it into the story…an ending that he desired vs what he’d got.[he got dumped]

A day passed by, still no comment.His belief was still sky high -‘oh it is a Friday afternoon’ he thought.Give it some more time.Weekend would be a bonanza.People would go into his created world..and remain there mesmerized..he dreamed.

Sunday night’s login – showed one comment –

‘Beautiful post.loved it.Awesome… you rock…

It is then DhinchakWriter realized the first law of blogging –

What goes around comes around…cntrl c + cntrl v.

Act2 -Revolution

After months of hardly  hard  written posts,and cut pasting thank you notes,Dhinchakwriter had become a bit of a pro.He could just read other comments and comment on that.! ‘Beautiful post.loved it.Awesome… you rock…and I think you should write more stuff ‘ he added…to make it sound ‘different’. Sometimes his creativity was uncontrollable and he couldreverse the order..I think you should write more stuff ‘..you rock..Awesome..Beautiful post.

He had won a fan following for himself. Such was the power of comments ..sometimes more than the post itself.

Afterall – it s a great feeling to know all people can’t be wrong..so many dedicated followers and comments so consistent. he was ready to go the next level.He mastered the art of reading the first few lines and the last few linesof a post and could comment smartly [cntrl c +cntrl v] from the the post and post  a line from the text..”and that’s how the cookie crumbles”…these words touched me…dhinchakwriter observed.

At his creative best , one day Dhinchakwriter wrote about the best way topotty.A taboo topic was the order of the day..besides there was so much of-so-run -of the mill boy m-meets girl-stuff ,never mind if that’s how he started blogging, happening out there.There was a compelling story and someone had to spill it..err do it..tell it .He had to be originale…something different. Besides everyone was doing it …but nobody was talking about it…he politely chided himself.

Within 2 hours the shit hit the fan.It was a rage. it was a craze.Comments were pouring in by the minute..just like the news ticker.Every refresh saw a new comment.Whoa what a dump , thump…jump he exclaimed loudly.I have done it. I have arrived.

Act 3. – Realization.

What’s the next level of blogging? pondered Dhinchakwriter across a cup of coffee in his office canteen.Work was getting heavier,and the time to write some great posts were few and far apart. Something had to be done. He had already become an agony aunt, a father figure, mentor, genius poet and best critic.What was the new role ?

Contests. yes nothing suck-seeds like contests.Millions of poor wanna shine writers led into believe their fantasy might come true and they would win the booker prize errr or blogger prize or it s equivalent…as the case maybe. That was its. He floated the contest idea. People thrive on competition.Let the best writer win.

‘What a brilliant idea sirji !’ commented one of his avid followers.

Let the games begin – the topic for this month’s contest is  –

‘What do I do at night?’ –  that itself drew some 200 comments…and a visibly pleased Dhinchakwriter wrote..Let the games begin folk dont forget to vote….but hey wait ,                  there are rules….

  • rule number 1 – please do not leave a post without commenting on mine.
  • rule number 2 – please add my posts to your blog.
  • rule number 3 – for new users please add me to your list.
  • rule number 4 – remember my name and don’t forget to promote me at every given opportunity..possibly even in your posts.
  • rule number 5 – comment and go crazy.Even irrelevant off topics are welcome…i say it’s creativity.
  • rule number 6 – twit my blog title for the world to see..I mean see your posts.
  • rule number 7-  All twits to be RT’s by default. [I shall RT even if I did not understand your comment.]
  • rule number 8 – put it on facebook , keep reminding people like a bot…bot naturally.
  • rule number 9 – put it on linkedIn as well – who knows I  you might get a job offer.
  • rule number 10 – I decide who is winner..but I will sound politically correct by saying we all one…err won.

Days passed by, and fellow bloggers spent nervous moments…commenting…making sure not to upset anyone… after all you could potentially lose a vote.

‘Beautiful post.loved it.Awesome… you rock….’ said one  follower to the other. Some said ‘ wow your s is sooo good  you have my vote.’ sweet comments almost diabeticaly sweet.@!@#@!!  internal discussions ensued,fervent emails exchanged… favourites were highlighted and they obliged being gloated.It was a carnival.

It was time for the results.Dhinchakwriter had to decide. But how could he? He had not even read all the entries.the pressure was too high.buttnaturally.Butt a decision had to be made …soon – fan following at steak ..stake..

Dhinchakwriter went to the comments section and shortlisted the most commented ones. Smart work he thought.and went about his job diligently.but fate had something else in store for him – it was a tie. Between his best blog friend  – Le phataphat De-phataphat -[who clocked  2 comments /per min.per flattering post] and some vague writerLayman.Dhinchak’s  post was the second most commented.He quickly checked his past comments..there were none from Layman.’Oh-my-comment-god ! how could this injustice happen ? ‘ this was not supposed to be a part of the equation.’ how could Layman get so many votes?

‘ who won ?’ got multiple cntrl c  cntrl v’s…pressure was immense..and he relented…and winner is  -Layman. he wrote on his blog reluctantly…after a few suspenseful moments…the responses poured in..wonderful, you rock, awesome and in the melee of comments there was this one which caught Dhinchak’s eyes..

‘and that’s how the cookie crumbles.’   said layman what goes around comes around.

Your Thoughts?

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