Seeing is believing


If you believe you will see.

We all get caught in this paradox at some point in time in our lives.Plot this against, relationships, religion,talent, or any other similar genre.You will find that is it plays out both ways – a classic chicken and egg story.

I want to share a story about one acquaintance who went through an oscillating phase,for lack of a better word, in life.Swinging from one end of reasoning to the other end of logic.

So one day Mr.x was praying in the temple in front of his favorite deity asking for a wish to be granted.The wish mattered to him immensely.It was the single most import that thing for him at age 20. He was honest, and sincere in his prayers and actually believed that the Lord almighty would solve his problems and grant him his wish.

As he prayed real hard that particular day,a flower resting on the Lord’s palms fell down, the moment he completed his wish and opened his eyes.Promptly he took it as a divine sign or maybe even a message that his wish was about to come true.

3 Days later, the wish did not come true.

Not only did the wish not come true,but the exact opposite of what he had prayed so sincerely all this while. It made things doubly worse.It was from that day he lost faith.He lost belief in Him and swore to go to the other side.

That he did.And did quite well.A rebel was born seething with anger arising out of his hurt sentiments.he slowly changed his mindset to negate any thoughts of the Lords existence or presence.Nonchalantly dismissing it off as a weak man’s crutch.

He would do what he felt the best and justified it with the logic which said – if I succeed in life then I will and should, take the full credit. Likewise, if I fail hereon then I should be able to take the discredit as well. Logical isn’t it?

So for many years he walked of a path of non-believer and achieved many things in life.Which kept reinforcing his belief that his stance was correct.Then one day a terrible thing happened to him,even more intense than the previous one.

2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Nice post man,

    You know.. I believe that there are many things in life that we want, but God doesn’t give it to us because he knows what is better for us. Ultimately everything that happens to us is a test of some form or the other. We have to hold on to the faith and believe that everything happens for the best, though we get to know it or not..

    I had a similar post 🙂 check it out!

  2. It is all a question of faith, be it any form not necessary God. Even a faith in Supreme power can help in overcoming many hurdles. But when things go wrong people loose the faith and start blaming rather then applying their own mind to find what and where it all went wrong.

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