Firestarter Vol. 1

We have often heard work hard and you ll achieve what you want. We ll you can’t. yes get real – you cannot become whatever you want – it would better serve you if you exploited what you already are and already have. no one tells us what exactly comprises of working hard.Where do we begin ? It is a complex thing that we have to carefully chart out a course of action,result oriented and flexible….however the complexity just multiplies when we try to have a plan for close to 1.3bn people.In short it is not an easy task to manage a country.

But we have to begin somewhere.Emphasis is on the word we.we = You and I. Not the leaders,not the politicians not the red tape bureaucrats. You and I , simple everyday office going ordinary people.

We need a blueprint,a master plan to improve our country.A simple executable ,implementable and self sustaining plan.We must agree to find a solution not create a new problem.Of course there are going to be road blocks.But if we have a central thought to solve it  – then we can.

Here’s the framework –

  • Date
    • Problem
      • Current Status
      • Desired Status – what should be the actual status?
      • Law Status – what does the law say about it?
      • Identified gap ? – who or what is causing the problem.
    • Solution
      • Tools
        • Contacts -Who can help?
        • What can they do?
        • Time line?
        • Potential Roadblocks.
        • getting started.

Here is one such initiative which we could kick start -CopLife – lets get our Cops back to life !

We all know they get paid peanuts,they lead a miserable life for most part,and in some cases die an anonymous death.Misery leads to corruption,and eventual overall downfall.Well if the government doesn’t do anything for them – then let us do something for them.Here’s how –

1. DesignCop – I call upon designers from the blog world to come with a new uniform design for the cops.Lets make them look and feel good,while Maintaining integrity and objective of the original choice.We will then propose the best design to the government authorities to approve.Get corporate members to produce/contribute [ some ad revenue could be diverted] to mass production of this design.Renew the interest in uniform.Modernize it.

2. ShapeCop – I call upon multi gym owners to sponsor/adopt one police station per region and train them.Get them into shape.Lets get a yoga instructor to counsel them.Lets get nutritionists to chalk out their diet plan.Lets get sports instructors to make them learn new sports to keep fit.

3. SavvyCop – Lets internet enable our cops.Lets train them to write and use emails.One of our corporates can sponsor laptops or old desktops instead of throwing them away.Lets show them that they need not be working in a blue chip company to own a computer.let them see the world through the net.

4.EmotiCop – Lets get management consultants to train them, make them go through finishing school, develop an element of cultural sensitivity and politeness, how to deal with foreigners etc etc.Call upon HR managers, please counsel them to stay motivated, stay focused just like you do for so many employees.

5.CopAware –  Lets teach them about global warming,climate change and other modern global phenomena – call upon NGO’s other similar institutions to make this happen.Make the police stations eco friendly.Increase the scope of policemen by inducting enviropolice.

6.CopProtect – For example Traffic cops – masks, light vests, Tshirts,Shades,ice bags, lets take care of many contests we win in corporate offices and get these things for free, lets divert one such contest to donate for the benefit of the society.

simple initiatives they are.we can borrow a page from our lives everyday and make a difference to someone else’s.We keep blaming the cops for everything that goes wrong in the city yet do very little for them to get motivated and turn up for work the next day with the same amount of motivation passion and commitment.

you know I can go on with so many more such initiatives.I request my readers, and the believers,that we can make a change ourselves,to make this happen.Please don’t tell me there is no money, no time, no one to do it.It is we who have to begin doing it. right here right now.
In fact those who have a doubt in their mind – should vow to never crib again about the rotting system, the failing government and the corrupt officials.If we cant do anything for our fellow countrymen then we should not have the right to criticize them either.

Here are some changes I would like to see  –

  1. Government Officials to have a mandatory qualification eligibility  to run a portfolio.We need MBA’s ,Engineers, or maybe  a masters in Country management, type of a qualification to run complex state issues.The country needs to run as a regular company.
  2. A leader is to be decided by a vote count 60% from urban literate class and 40% from rural illiterate class for Metros.So if a candidate A secures 35 votes from urban literate and 65 votes form rural, vs his opposing candidate B who secures 40 votes from urban literate and 60 votes from rural illiterate,then winner will be candidate  B – this will hold true for metros. The reverse logic can be applied for smaller towns. the idea being that a metro needs to choose a leader based on literate masses – not truck loads of innocent illiterate people who have no clue what they are doing.Democracy needs to be stop being abused.
  3. Run government as a private organization – When more than half working population comes to work by 8.30AM why not the government officials?They should have the same working hours as regular  private office workers.Their compensation needs to be increased.
  4. Government = should not mean cheap.All things about government should not personify low class cheap stuff.All People should be proud to join the government – just as they would love to e a part of any private firm.
  5. Modernize law – Update all law to current environments. Computerize the entire legal system. Clear back logs, set cases under different priority levels.Make transactions more transparent and defaulters punishment more harsh.People should fear breaking the law.Accountability should be quick and swift.Deliver results while it still matters.
  6. Incentive’s – counter corruption by incentive’s,  good behavior should result in monetary benefits.Bad behavior/corrupt behavior should be penalized monetarily and publicly.Every corrupt official exposed should be publicly ostracized and punished.The higher the official the higher the punishment.
  7. Country Image – market the country better.Active focus on improving tourism, restoration of heritage structures and modernizing amenities for foreigners.Internet enable  all tourist destination.Cleanliness should be rewarded.
  8. Infrastructure – Accountability of on road constructions completing on time.Penalty for delays.Continuity of projects irrespective of the changes in government,or it’s policies.convention enable tourist destination.Make the country look aesthetically beautiful,pleasing to the eye.
  9. Educate – not just in schools but in slums as well.Educate on how to create a to make the most of the existing situation.Maybe government should sponsor low end housing complexes to substitute for slums.
  10. Counsel – revive hope.revive the thought that it is still possible, that it is still no too late.People should give one large push to get the country on fast track,once it rolls,there s no stopping or looking back.

lets take care of them, so that they can take care of us!

Your Thoughts?

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