Year 2033

Dear Future

This is a note for you. This one is for the history books- I wanted to jot down few common things that we do today and come back and read this say in the year 2033! This is just a set of things which are a reality for today but might become obsolete ,funny or even downright ridiculous. It might also serve as an almanac if you will.And if something we do today still exists then, it will be remarkable isn’t it? The observations are as I see them, certainly not  a representation of the world or society as a whole.

I write this on 15th August,2014,our Independence Day, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, sitting on a couch which Fur Elise is streaming on Youtube via apple TV. So here goes :


  • Communication
    • Handwritten letters are almost extinct.
    • The last telegram was sent a year ago I think.
    • The average personal emails per day ranges between 40-50
    • The average work email ranges between 100-130 per day.
    • Mobile Phones  is almost always on.
    • Twitter Facebook/Whatsapp and other communicators are hugely popular.
    • Speak to parents sometimes twice a week.
    • Still too much wired connectivity,wireless is catching up.
    • Cable TV about 200 channels and still nothing to watch.
    • Therefore youtube is hugely popular for custom content on demand.
  • Travel
    • Air travel is no longer a novelty  as it once used to be for the middle class.
    • Jet Airways,Spice Jet and Indigo airlines are most prevalent.
    • Average
    • Most long distance trains are still running at about 120kmph.
    • Taxis drive like maniacs and Rickshaws (tuk tuk) are running on CNG
    • Cars are getting smarter but the expensive ones BMW 765i are obviously beyond middle class standards.
    • The SUV’s are coming up with variants for the lower segment. XUV500/Duster good examples.
  • Food
    • For the working couple, home delivered pizzas,canned Tuna and Salmon still rule.
    • The indian household has a cook – who comes twice a day.
    • Organic food is picking up. People are more pesticide conscious.
    • Lot of the new restaurants theme base on old school food types.
    • People are confused between being health conscious and being a food lover.
    • Fusion foods are catching up : Dosa with Chicken masala.
    • Dirty street food  – still rocks. The burned pan, reused oil, sweat,dirt….all add to the ambience.
  • People
    • In general , they are over ambitious  and restless.
    • Instant gratification rules.
    • Individual capitalism rises over collective socialism.
    • People find innovative ways to break rules.
    • This extends to crimes, technology,medicine…everythign actually.
    • General consensus on You only live once.
    • Promiscuity is normal. Whats old is : not talking about it as usual.
    • aggressiveness has increased over the year per individual.
  • Entertainment
    • Movies : most Hollywood flicks are above $100M in budget.
    • Indian movies increasingly looking B grade Hollywood copies.
    • Some Indian filmmakers making a deliberate attempt to be different.
    • 2001-2014 had a higher number of really well made Indian movies.
    • I will still hold back from comparing it to the 70’s era of Indian movies : perhaps still the best.
    • People pirate movies and sell cheap.
    • Well earning white collar professionals download movies from the net ( most times w/o paying)
    • Wireless connectivity speeds are improving. some vendors offer 24mpbs.
    • 100mbps is available in some developed countries , but it is quite expensive.
    • Blue Ray : is still not mainstream. DVDs are most common .VCD is almost extinct.


This is the first cut of the anecdotal post. Will put together the second set in a few days.  In the meanwhile if any of you see anything missing please let me know and i will add it to the list.





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