Droplets of lifeIn the practical  world

Money makes everyone tick.It practically makes the world go round.Money touches every aspect of our lives today.So if we figure out a way to attach “going green” to our everyday life, chances are we will take it like a fish to water.Here’s how to lead a new gLife.
  • incentivize people on using green in their environment.
    1. Income Tax relief for every tree planted ( it can be tracked against your PAN number – TAN- Tree account number)
    2. Tax benefits for planting trees.
    3. Bonus for companies meeting eco-emission standards.
    4. Promotion criteria should have a green initiative as one of the factors.
    5. Marriages would not be certified unless they comply to basic eco-norms.(this will cut down on massive wastage in lavish marriages)
    6. Special discounts for travellers using Eco-tourism/ hotels.
    7. Every grocery store you go gives you 5 bucks to carry stuff in an eco-friendly bag.They inturn get sops from government.
    8. Eco-cars to have a separated elevated flyover – people who drive eCars face no traffic.
    9. Passing eCo damage awareness  exams mandatory at all major levels – Grade X, XII or college or discipline.
    10. Contests among states to be the Green capital of India.Benefits would include State Tax holiday for one year.
  • On the flip side – penalize for misusing the environment.
So, in an eco friendly nutshell,if we bring green into our everyday lives, our future will be longer,happier,and healthier.


In the mythological world.

Adam did start his diet with an apple not meat you know.Imagine Adam’s chicken leg instead.Wouldnt be a pretty sight or sound.Therefore there was a reason why Adam started vegetarian.! Have you ever thought why life on earth was created ahead of man ? There were trees and forests and plants much before man came into existence.There are lots of ways to improvise on going green.But when you think innovative,it’s slightly different.

To me innovative would equal unprecedented in some sense. We need to go into the root or begin from the very beginning.

There are essentially 4 elements – air,earth,water,fire. Each is interconnected with the other. According to the Chinese philosophy – they had  somewhat different series of elements, namely Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood, which were understood as different types of energy in a state of constant interaction and flux with one another, rather than the Western notion of different kinds of material.

  • Wood feeds fire;
  • Fire creates earth (ash);
  • Earth bears metal;
  • Metal collects water;
  • Water nourishes wood.
So what’s the missing element ?  Ecological balance. If there was no ecological balance ,then none of this cycle would be possible.So it is important that we recognize ecological balance as a new element in larger scheme of things.
So the next time someone asks you what are the essential elements – you say – Air,Water,Earth,Fire and EB – that keeps all of them working together.
The message of clean green environment should percolate to all levels of the society.And this can only be sustainable if the urge comes from within – beyond a point no governing council or body can monitor the habits of 1.3BN people.So  the awareness to awaken the within is the first step towards a change in our lifestyle – from merely living a m-life,material life, to living a g-life  ! Great life !













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