Good Doc Bad Doc

Typically when the medicine works it is a good doctor and when it takes longer to heal then it is a bad doctor. That is how most people judge doctors and or their capabilities.The question to ask here is  – is that fair on the person who spent 5 or more , rigorous years , trying to master the skill and garner the knowledge and probably  put in years of hard work behind him or her to become a good doctor?


Sometimes the same medicines  react differently to different people.For example,some get rashes and some get healed.Now beyond a point how much is this a doctors fault or problem versus the vendors ie the pharma companies who produce these drugs?


There are polite docs and then there are strict docs. just because the doctor is polite and accommodating does not make him a good doctor or a bad doctor for that matter. Likewise if the doctor is a bit rough and direct  does not necessarily mean that he is a bad doctor.

It is so hilarious when people make a straight face and comment how good his hands are in neurosurgery or how well she cuts the c section is amazing.I can bet you a hundred bucks that these people have never ever seen these operation and dissipate this information from their own perception of the situation.

Some docs give mild doses and some give heavy doses. If it takes long then the patient gets impatient,and subsequently his family gets hyper.Alternatively, if the doc. gives a high dosage,then the body takes a hit. Immunity goes down, resistance to that drug goes up over time. So then what does a doctor do?


So in a nutshell, it is impossible to judge whether a doctor is good or bad – it is upto us to  be patient and watchful and disclose all details and problems upfront.Its okay to ask a doctor what he or she is thinking about the ailment and how he is going treat it? In fact here are some questions irrespective or ailment or condition I would ask the doc. –

  • What do you think is the root cause of the current ailment?
  • how are you going to proceed with this?
  • What are the possible side effects?
  • What;s plan B – if this does not work?
  • Whats a typical time frame this takes to get cured?
  • What are the precautions we need to take in the interim?
  • What expenses should we expect?

and ask any other question relevant or specific to your condition. Ensure that you and your doc. are on the same page.Once you agree then you know that the end result is within a margin or a range that the doctor has explained and you are not taken by surprise.













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