Herd Enough?

It is funny that our corporate culture, over time,beats us into a box,and then goes on to hire someone from outside to think out of the box.!

All along we are expected to have the same level of marginal utility throughout our career or stint in the organization.Isn’t that an oxymoron ?Isn’t that illogical ? But the fact is as we continue to perfect ourselves, our usefulness will eventually go down.

We have to keep re-inventing ourselves, either with a new skill set or a new way of doing the same thing which leads to better results. Else,over a period of time,you become redundant – which is to say that a job could be done or would be done, even if you did not turn up for work.!

now is that the goal of the organization ? Perfect a process, free up the resource and redeploy elsewhere? or fire them.?

Often times the risk in being outstanding is that you risk standing out.! think about it . In the pursuit of being different you land up being ostracized . Is that worth it ? If not, join the herd.

It is frustrating when you cant be the same. Just like the other machines,why cant you fall in line in the conveyor belt ? And if you do present an alternative point of view – you are usually branded as Mr.Rebel without a cause. Say the right things, whether they make sense or not – is immaterial – make the same templates in the presentation, dont use intelligence, just be like everyone else.

Go start your own company if you want to do things differently. that’s what management will tell you. Here, you have to follow procedure, template,pattern, thats it. Why complicate things? Who has the time?

They just dont get it.

The obsession of companies to standardize people , process and technology,could lead to their downfall. Sometimes an element of chaos is needed to to stir up new ideas. Employee retention increases tremendously if  they know that their idea might be implemented. the sense of ” belongingness” increases.

most companies,departments or teams forget the dreaded law of diminishing marginal utility…and so do those employees as well.Doing something different need not be all about changing the system, it could also be about adding a new skill set.

Un following the herd is not about being a rebel.It is about trying to excel in alternative ways.Companies have innovation as a key tag line on their webpage. But their internal systems and process are far form it.

This needs to change if a company or an individual wants  to travel the journey from being good to great.

Your Thoughts?

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