Housework Officework

Now which is more important?  The eternal debate between the husband and the wife.

The homemaker always thinks that it is the most difficult job in the whole wide world simply because it is incessant, 365 days in a year.Managing and maintaing the food inventory,keeping the house spick and span and all the other paraphernalia that comes along with it.

The office goer thinks – earning the money is not an easy task.Pressures,deadlines,competition , politics , bad boss or colleagues form the key ingredients of fatigue and tension.That the society is designed to be capitalists in nature means you are always running the rat race whether you acknowledge it or not.Being left out usually mean you are a failure – and no earning member worth his or her excel sheet would want that.

The home maker faces similar challenges if there is no support system in her environment.The constant domestic-help problems,their temperament,their whims and fancies tire out most homemakers.But absense takes the top spot.Getting into the kitchen to do the dishes the next morning rates the top peeve for most home makers.

The office goer meets traffic everyday and spends countless expressions on exasperation in the process.There are times when the office goer thinks of not going to work in order to escape that madness – but what choice do they have? They have to deal with it every single day of their working life.

The home maker feels constricted by the monotony of it all – somewhere people start to take it for granted and even throw tantrums if by any chance there is an off-day. Everything has to be perfect at all times – much like the wicket keeper in cricket,who keeps all day long wonderfully well – but no one notices unless he drops one catch !


Well the debate continues…and there are scores of examples,and exceptions – however if you had to pick one which is more important than the other which one would it be and why ?








6 thoughts on “Housework Officework

  1. One can take leave from office work, postpone office work, delegate office work change office itself but the same can not hold for home work. Home work has to be done 365 days a year even when one is not at home!

  2. I have seen best of both worlds and while I agree to all that has been said here, I rest my case in the favor of household work with one logic, no matter how wild, scary, full of politics and traffic outside world may be, there is nothing more dangerous than a mind left alone, living at home to be homemaker causes most of us to be alone for longer hours and work or no work, it is enough to drive anyone insane. So, While work at home and office are equally important, living at home is not a child’s play 😉

    • Empty mind is the devils workshop is a philosophy that can exist in both these worlds – its all in the mind. So in my opinion one can go insane even in a crowd – like they grass is more toxic on the other side ! 🙂

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