Humility and Losers

Long time ago, in a far away galaxy, there lived a humble boy. On scoring excellent grades in school, in fact the best, his parents were almost uncomfortable  to articulate this achievement to a larger audience, dismissing it off as just lucky. Upon asking the boy, he too shrugs off saying there were so many others who did well, he just managed somehow. Later in life, when the same boy goes on to top the university, the same exercise is repeated with identical results.Finally the boy gets a dream job in a dream company – and yet he is grounded,humble and acknowledges with a smile bowing his head slightly.

Now fast forward to today.

Before getting into school, the school boasts,brags about how big they are, then the parents brag how their ward is associated with such a big school.If the child does well, its on Facebook,Twitter and fifty emails zipping by to all and sundry.If the neighbors kid hasn’t done well ,then that’s honey on milkshakes.At family gatherings the parents eyebrows are raised and an aura surrounds them,oh what a product they have delivered.Their vocabulary is punched with academic jargon and how their kid won a battle of odds against the world.

Likewise,if the kid goes on to a premier institute,then he develops a new vocabulary – that of having arrived in life.Confidence is running high, and he or even she has an opinion on why the Zulu tribes are threatened today – in short they know everything.Carry forward to the new found job.Their vocabulary now has the word best deal permanently fixed after every two sentences. They obviously got the best deal in compensation, the best deal while buying an apartment, the best deal in the mall and best deal in their partner.

Humility is just so old fashioned. It is so passe. In fact it is bordering on negativity. As in if you have it then show it – alternatively, if you don’t have it – then you can’t show it.! Humility is now a thing for losers. Those who couldn’t make the cut.Those who are not as bright or smart. They are your perpetual good guys and what the world wants is successful nasty guys. In fact sometimes humility is often taken as scheming or being sarcastic even.People dont trust humble people anymore.They think there might be something wrong.The guy is cunning.Period.


If you did a root cause analysis, the most insecure people tend to show exactly the opposite.If they feel inferior deep down, they tend to project themselves as a superior personality.But what baffles me, is that so called successful people can still have a high sense of insecurity.Therefore it is not a function of what they have achieved in life – its perhaps just who they are.And there are so many of them. Being insecure can be taken positively – which means to never take anything for granted. However, once you cross over the thin line of developing a self-belief into over confidence – then the whole truth has a new meaning…mean ing.!

The loudest voice gets picked for group discussions in a college, the most vocal gets the attention of the management, crying baby gets the milk – what more evidence do you want? Whatever happened to that quiet little child who went on to make it big, yet kept it simple, yet kept it humble? What happened to that proud parent who was equally empathetic towards another child’s development and growth? What happened to that professor who encouraged the shy boy instead of pointing out loudly in the middle of a class? What happened to that humble manager who acknowledged his team’s work without having to go to town raving about it?

Sigh…what has happened to us?

Fortunately,there are still a few people around the world who are great examples of humility and success, of humbleness and brilliance.And that’s why the world still keeps spinning.









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