Image ~ India

This is about world media and it’s depiction of India.

today morning when I read the world news about it s view on the Common wealth games opening ceremony I had a mixed feeling. It seemed to me that though most of them applauded the event it was with a hint of sarcasm or at times it even sounded like  a back handed compliment.

Take for example –  The Sydney Morning Herald they carried an article on the opening ceremony yet the depiction was from one Rakesh Kumar living in a slum hut which is built around a neem tree.!

Now why can’t they just say it was a darn good event! period. Why take a potshots at the poverty? Even in other situations when the world media covers India it usually shows the poverty and the garbage or the stray cows or dogs on the road.

Now the smart alec comment – “media’s job is to project true picture” .they argue that it is there so we show it, if these things were not there, we wouldnt have shown it simple.

So world media please be informed

while there is a dog that strays across the road, there is also an entire community that protects them and takes care of them – when did you last report about them?

while there is poverty on the roads, there is also welfare and rehabilitation for the destitute.When did you last cover those programs ?

while there is garbage at some places,there is also a cleaning mechanism operating in the country where scores of people trying to clear up the mess.when did you last report about those workers?

I guess you get the drift. I wonder how some other countries would have managed a population of one billion people in a democratic environment.!

India’s population is its boon and bane perhaps.But hey, we are trying,we are doing something about it – little by little.

So next time you visit India with 6 shots and medication – please realise the medication you got there was probably made by an Indian worker or advised by an Indian doctor.!

Let’s us project a good image of India, a positive image of India to the world.Yes there are problems,yes there are discrepancies and irregularities, and we have, we are, and we will continue to deal with it in the future.

If with all these drawbacks, and short comings we are able to come this far imagine what will happen if get our house in order?

2 thoughts on “Image ~ India

  1. All the rot from the CWG were shown by the media only! Addede to this everybody was negative in commenting. We ourselves are to be blamed for this state of affair.

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