When we do the  analysis on whether hyper communication has done greater good or greater bad for peoplekind, I just hope it is not too late to undo the perils that comes with over using anything in life.

You could argue, I wouldn’t have been able to write this article and expect it have a global reach without spending a fortune. Yet, you would agree that the same medium is being used for propaganda and influencing people in a wrong way , so much so that they land up making the wrong choices which change the course of history.

Over communication has opened up a Pandora’s box. With every individual speaking their mind, airing their views, expressing their opinions, claiming their rights, reacting to others views, opinions and thoughts, is leading this world into total chaos.

With the advent of easy to use communication devices, lower cost of communicating, and a chance to be heard, seen or liked ,  it has permeated the masses like nothing before.What this hyper communication has undone, is the self restraint, respect and tolerance we had as a society and for each other as individuals.

On one hand, communication has lead to convictions unearthing crimes and monstrosities, and on the other it has changed election results and started wars. The popular opinion so far seems to suggest that having hyper communication is better than being silent.

Every word uttered has an unequal and opposite troll.

No matter what you do , you communicate something, be it in body language, non verbal communication, eye contact or the lack of it. This in turn will induce the other person  to react in greater measure, because equal will barely get you even, and people don’t like even, they like even better, and so the even greater counter measure will make the person do something drastic , and  we all know what happens when drastic strikes?

Dramatic begets drastic, drastic induces madness, madness guarantees catastrophe!

Is that what we want? Is that what we leave for our children and next generation? This out of control madness is like a bottom less pit, you keep falling deeper and deeper. nothing is shocking anymore. Think of the crime reporting back in pre internet days and think of it now. Some argue, crime was happening in equal measure back then, its just that it never got reported as much, because there weren’t enough platforms ,outlets, and vents.

So what is the workaround? Well, I think we certainly need not be mute spectators or silent sufferers, that said, we also don’t need to be belligerent loud mouths and alarmist either.

The question is who is to decide what are the boundaries of communication ?Who is to decide what is right content versus wrong content? Who will say how much is enough ? What will be the repercussions of these restrictions in the future?

And though I don’t have answers to those questions, I can see that we are headed to the state of being unfixable –  with each voice cancelling the other , who knows we could become the victims of our own communication?



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