India Chalta Hai

For the uninitiated,there are many definitions of the phrase Chalta Hai.

It could represent the feeling behind “its OK – lets move on”, It could represent the meaning “Its Ok whatever ‘ It could also encompass “its ok forgive him/her” and last but not the least it can also mean “its ok-adjust a little please”.  In India this phrase defines the common mood and  sentiment of a majority of the people.The country moves on with all its hiccups, hiccdowns!

Take the example of the recent Cricket spot-fixing scandal. A bunch of players brought not only the game to disrepute but also the global opinion about India, Indian cricketers and most importantly India and corruption. Chalta hai yaar. In spite of the media brouhaha ,screaming newspaper headlines,Facebook and twitter uproar, the very next day the stadium is house full ! Call it resilience or stupidity, I dont know.

Rationalists say Chalta Hai in a slightly different tone. They say, dont paint all the eggs black,just because one or two turned out bad.The sport is larger than the perpetrators and it will survive this crisis. I say, wake up and smell the cappuccino. Its not going away anywhere.Its an attitude that has got embedded into the DNA and fabric of our society.

With a billion plus population,space is going to be a constraint,metaphorically speaking.This also means,one would need to adjust, compromise, and accept whatever is available rather than have none at all.That’s where Chalta Hai acts like a medicine to the hurting soul.He makes do with little and survives, adjusts his expectations,ambitions and aspirations.Because life has to move on. It cant ,and wont get stuck at any one point for anyone.

Ironically, tis because of this Chalta Hai, India has become one of the largest middle class markets in the world.Investors are clamouring to get a piece of this space, their wallet , their mind share.Products are being designed to suit such needs, holidays ae being customised and payments done in installments, EMI’s or Equal Monthly Instalments are perhaps the single reason banks have flourished and economy has become robust.

The greedy Chalta Hai, has so far had a good time.He’s got through getting licenses done, got away from facing penalties,he’s got glamour,he’s got entertainment and the works.So when there is a crack down it suddenly creates furore in the elite circles and you see a Twitter or Facebook overloaded with criticism and jokes alike laced with sarcasm and witty one-liners.

But then there is a Monday lurking around.They have to go work and Chalta Returns in action. So until next time, till Chalta Hai derails  again, India keeps moving on..India Chalta Hai.




2 thoughts on “India Chalta Hai

  1. Good one though….no one understands , our way of looking things by ‘chalta hai’ attitude bringing us down … every way..

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