Indias Daughter – 10 Questions

India’s daughter, son, father, mother,sister,brother stand united in emotions and divided in reason.

Reality check : everybody talks,few listen, and fewer actions taken. So enough has been spoken, outraged,engaged,debated,joked,protested – but come Monday, everyone will be back to doing what they do best. Nothing changes. No one changes. You and I haven’t changed, so why expect others to change?

Question : What are you going to do differently from today? Reality is do we know what to fix? Do we know who will do that? Do we know how it can be done? Do we know by when?.


So then what do you  do and how do you go about solving it? So for starts, try answering these 10 questions.Do a self assessment and see if it makes you uncomfortable:

  1. Are you going to stop the car when you see a crime happening?
  2. Are you going to report abuse to the cops?
  3. Are you going to sensitize your child objectively ?
  4. Are you going to standup against ignorance?
  5. Are you going to brush it aside and move on?
  6. Are you going to get defensive when it comes to your own family?
  7. Are you going to be bold and accept your own mistakes as a man and a woman?
  8. Are you going to talk facts ahead of emotions?
  9. Are you going to risk communal ouster for endorsing a change?
  10. Are you going to sustain this new found  realization?

You don’t need to wait for others to change or the system to change. Your change begins with you.

So stop blaming, naming, shaming,shouting,ranting,screaming,and start doing, acting,within your area of reach or influence.Ignite the fire.Go through the test of sustaining this over a period time – because gender equality and respect is not a project, its a way of life.

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