Inheritance of a Loss

This being the first post of the new year I did not want to start off ona  sad or negative note. But for the avid cricket buff – Jan 3 , 3 rd delivery of the day set the tone. For the uninitiated, that’s when Gautam Gambhir India’s opening batsman was dismissed.

Being too critical for losing a series is an argument we hear from the pundits every now and then – why is the manner of losing never questioned? Every post match interview the Captain or the representative comes and says this could have been done better,that could have been done better, this was not done, that was not done – so on and so forth.

The point is what are you doing about it?

somewhere, the BCCI will find co-relation between losing a marquee test series and declining sponsorships and an empty stadia. The very power of people which makes them the richest sporting body after perhaps FIFA, will be the reason for their downfall.

If you make a bunch of talented players,play continuously on dead and placid wickets, how do you expect them to stand tall on fast and pacy wickets one fine day? No matter what the practice sessions or three day matches turn out to be. Going there one month in advance is not going to undo the formation of the mindset or thought process  grilled over the years.

So what’s the solution?

India’s a vast country. Dedicate each zone with a particular type of wicket.

  • North zone –
    • Have one dedicated pitch like Perth or Capetown, Lords
    • To have fast pacy, and bouncy wickets. Develop your strike bowler here.
    • Develop strong fast bowlers who clock more than 145ks and swing the ball.
    • Develop strong batsman who play in these fast and bouncy conditions.
  • East zone –
    • Replicate pitches like  Sabina Park, Antigua etc.
    • Conditions being similar  – you need someone who can grind it out.
    • Develop batsman who need to play a long innings.
    • Develop fast bowlers ,who can bowl quick on flat wickets.
    • Develop bowlers who can stretch upto 50 overs in a match without burning out.
  • West zone – Replicate pitches like Sydney,MCG
    • Develop some good spinners  who can turn on flat wickets and turners alike,
    • Develop batters who can bat in slow and low conditions like Galle,Dambulla..
    • Develop swing bowlers who can swing it in tough conditions.
    • Develop batsmen who can counter that swing.
  • South zone – Replicate pitches like Oval,Lords,Adelaide,
    • Develop batsman who can bat quickly in test cricket.
    • Develop bowlers who need to contain or stop run flows.
    • Develop various field strategies, close in- boundary throw-in etc.
    • Have at least one large ground 90mts on all sides.
I am sure there are many more common-sense action items for the team to improve upon – the questions is who is going to bell the cat ? And more importantly when?
Or are we going to continiously and succesfully inherit one losing team after the other?

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