Its Time God Shows Up!

I’ve been asking this for a long time – but you have just not bothered to listen. Will the real God please stand up ?

What does it take? How many more innocent lives should perish before you show up and set things right? Or should I think you won’t or worse can’t? Either ways, there is a lot to answer. Mathematically,Its been 2015 years  ( not counting BC) and still there is no sign of you showing up on prime time Sunday night 9 PM live.

In these years, humans have prayed, swayed, flayed ,betrayed and staid.Nothing seems to impress you. Why is that? What other action or activity can we or should we do for you to come over and pay a visit? I can assure you 95% of the problems with people will be set right – give or take 5% morons who will never get it any way, so leave them aside.

Think of those terrorists. They are trying to get your attention for so long.I mean why don’t you show up for them, if not for us.I mean if that answers their queries then so be it.At least it will tell us they were right all along and we never really understood them or you. Alternatively, if you think they are wrong – well teach them a lesson and the rest of us will know that we are and were doing the right thing all along.

If there are many of you and not just One, then whats the hierarchy please let us know.You know one can align accordinly.What is the distribution of power , ability and range – don’t we have a right to know that? I mean don’t you believe in democracy? Do you have elections up there? Do I get to vote for my favorite God? Where is your election manifesto ?Where’s the campaign debate ? Who are your representatives?

Give us something to go on. Give us something to look forward to? Faith and Hope theory is running dry.You know we have even reached out to Mars for help – is that where you stay? We can radio transmit our wants that far you know.There are spacecraft that have gone past Saturn searching for you. At least pick a planet and stay put somewhere. Or are you beyond? Give us some superconducting material to build a spacecraft which can travel at the speed of light to reach some other galaxy.

And if you are here among us.Whats your address? Do you have an email ? A Twitter handle ? Do you Instagram – send us a picture at least.  No ? Come on, in this interconnected social noodle world, you have no account? Can’t be – coz in our world terms that means you don’t exist. No identity…I mean much like Borne or something.

All you have is a bunch of followers who think you exist, but have never seen you live in action…inaction. A bunch of followers who think, you will come to their rescue every time they call you, and every time you don’t turn up they say its your wish and that’s how it was supposed to be any ways.

Another bunch of followers believe that you instructed them to kill other people.And they say you granted them that power and will reward them with divine protection and paradise if they die while fulfilling your wish. I mean really? Can you like share this email you sent with the rest of us please? Dont you have any HR policy up there?..or GR policy. I mean if you are the Boss then we are your shareholders isnt it? Dont we have a say in there somewhere?  When is your AGM ? We haven’t seen one in the last 2015 years.

So my humble submission is for you to set the record straight once and for all. All human beings deserve to live in peace and tranquility – because that was your original design isnt it? Right now your project seems way over budget and out of control.So unless you re planning to shut it down, don’t leave it like a loss making unit – turn it around to a peace making unit like any good manager would do.

Its time for the real God to show some power.



“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.

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