Keep Going

How does one keep going when everything seems to be going wrong?

Just like everything else, a career also goes through crests and troughs. Till yesterday your timing was just perfect, your communication was exemplary,your sense of humor had people in splits, everything you said or did or touched turned to gold. People around you revered you , put you up on a pedestal and were awed and charmed by your sheer presence.

But when things go wrong…everything seems to go wrong.I mean every little darn thing. All of the above come back to haunt you.Those people who you thought were charmed or awed by your presence were actually jealous and could not stand your for one moment if they had a choice. Those who laughed deliriously at your jokes actually thought you were a big show off and thought no end of your self. Those who were your detractors even then, are now in their elements with a ” i knew it all along ” look on their face.

Now let us not get into a debate of whether you deserved this situation or not.The fact is you are in this shit right now – the question is how do you deal with it?

  1. Staying  Calm. – works arguments, no proving point of view, no gestures and definitely no sarcasm.Just stay calm.Do not engage in any hostile discussion at all whatsoever. Let people think what ever they want about your non-reaction – just dont let it get to you. Stay calm.
  2. Staying Clean – dont get into alcohol or any other such addiction. chances are you might get sucked in big time – and wont get out of it – even if situation could possibly be getting better.Shun it like plague. Stay away from any form of such addiction.
  3. Stay Connected – while depression might be overpowering or over bearing,it makes no sense to cut off from the world.Stay connected, even if it means keeping a low frequency.Remember theres nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.You are not in a unique one of a kind situation.Everyone…but everyone goes through shit in life sometime or the other.Keep your ears open for any whispering opportunity.
  4. Know the work family – when under stress and pressure and tension, know who all are on your side.Watch them closely.See how they react to your situation or what they say.Discern carefully who your true supporters are from the ones wearing a mask.Dont react now, but chug along with them.When the right time comes, show them the door.But for now smile and gulp it.
  5. Don’t forget – often times when some people go through good times they tend to forget what bad time are or were like.They never learn their lessons and are prone to making the same set of mistakes again.Make sure you learn every darn detail from this bad time you are going through.Write it down if need be.Vow not to repeat those mistakes ever again in life.Keep your head on your shoulders even in times of extreme success.

So for all those folks who are in difficult times right now, just hang in there buddy, it will turn around soon.After all what goes around comes around.You ve just got to be ready and better prepared this time around !

Keep Going.

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