Lance : Unstrong

“I know this just might be a new entry into the Oxford dictionary : Unstrong.I mean what else does come to your mind from a man who was the very epitome of strength ? He wasn’t so strong afterall.”


“Truth shall set you free Lance, but it will trap a generation of believers in confusion is dismay.”

That was a common sentiment ,or derivatives of that,is what I heard and read from most people in my circle. Everybody seems to agree how disgraceful Lance Armstrong‘s confession has been.Millions of inspired people across the world have been let down,a whole generation of followers stand speechless and dissapointed.15 years of cheating, denial , abuse, threats all from a loveable noble soul (well erstwhile) -how could that be? Right now,as Indian astrologers would say,  Lance is going through a terrible “Shani” dasha ! His planets are just not aligned.

The media frenzy over slicing and dicing every angle screamed the same word  –Why?

Its funny and ironical that two of the most “noble” souls in the sporting circuit fell from grace – the other one being Tiger Woods.The whole world ridiculed them, tore them and punched them hard.Each of the these fallen angels, were once on every poster,billboard,commercial and conversation.Today, they are no where – all forgotten and brushed aside – in Lance’s case it will take some more time, but his fate will meet ignominy as well sooner or later.


Sad more so,because all those people who waxed eloquent on Lance’s despicable admission, have one to make of their own.Its jsut that they havent yet been caught.

Their stars have not yet aligned to reveal their deep dark secrets.Reminds of a movie The number 23 (JIm Carey) The concluding scene says “your sin will find you” -so beware all those people who have sinned your turn comes soon.Wonder what they will say when they re exposed?  Will they plead innocent? Will they argue? Will they have the balls to come forward and admit they did wrong?  I guess not.

I guess they will take their chances,to see if they can escape. They will take their chances, to misdirect. They will take their chances to threaten.History is replete with such instances.Yes there might be the odd one -who will do something different – but majority would do just the same.Just as Lance did. So am I trying to justify what he did?

No. I do think what he did was wrong.Period. But I also think that makes him human.To make a mistake.Its never too late to turn around. Yes people will ridicule you, some might even say you re stupid,but what  matters most is what you say to yourself? Are you willing to change? Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to do something about it.? Are you willing to fight it out?

In my opinion Lance has taken the first step towards change. Yes he has made a mistake,he has acknowledged it, he will be punished for it,but he also must be given a chance to fix it, and re start his life all over again.

Dont we all deserve a second chance? Dont we all think “if only I could turn back the clock ?”. Don’t we all have the moment where we think “what was I thinking?” -The answer is an overwhelming yes, yes, yes we all do. So lets not make one man a demon so that all of look like a saint.

We need to improve as a society.We need to improve as humans, we need to evolve,mature and try and make less mistakes,lest it will not be long before a screaming headline is dedicated to you : You : Unstrong.


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