License to Arrogance

In the world of being politically correct and appropriate sometimes there is a need to just let go don’t you think? I am not saying that its a right thing to do, but sometimes you’re so filled up that some of it needs to eject.You do realize that you cannot have the license to kill – only bond does. But what if the next best thing were to be granted to you?  the license to be rude and arrogant at will without any  consequence or repercussion.? How would that be? Think about all those moments in your life when you wanted to really abuse someone real bad bust stopped short.Think of all those moments when you wanted to give that mouthful of cockiness back to that inglorious bastard

  • To the bully in school – If you want to stay in the same class/grade with me – then behave, and stay behind me at all times.
  • To the college stud – Dude its not about the six pack abs, you also need some six pack jabs of grey cells as well.
  • To the irate boss – If you cant chill in this ac  – take a walk to Alaska.Trust me, no one is going to miss you here.
  • To the bad attitude sub –  you happiness and ass are in my hands remember.?
  • To the scheming colleague – remove your head from that hole so that you can see some daylight.
  • The nagging wife – Counting isn’t your forte, so stop nagging.
  • The lazy husband – The three seater sofa can move faster than your butt in front of the television
  • The pesky kid – Life is good – get one.
  • The high-browed Mother in law – Get real – I am the best your kid can get.
  • The paranoid Father in law – Sir your daughter is not the  greatest gift to mankind you know.

and the list goes on….I am sure you readers will have some more to add.

So how do we deal with this innate, inherent urge to give a mouthful to someone at the right time at the right place so as to create the maximum impact? So here are a few pointers to consider before you shoot your mouth off –

  • The most obvious one – have you thought of managing the damages that come from this outburst?
  • Are you going to change your mind after you’ve hurt somebody ?  ( or is it going to be like I didn’t realize that I don’t hate him/her so much after all )
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Are the people around you,close to you, at risk of becoming against you?
  • What if it recurs?
  • What if it comes back to you with a bigger thud?

See this is the irony of it all. the more you think, rationality will creep in and chances are you will land up swallowing your mouthful, or worse take it out on someone who listens to you.The truth is that rage is never a rational choice.Its momentary,and in this momentary lapse of reason that most foolish crimes ,or acts of stupidity are committed.We have all done it in some measure in the past somewhere or the other.

So take a moment to think of preempting these situations. Try and minimize , though you can never be a hundred percent  because there is always some new stupidity being invented somewhere as we speak. So the idea is to spend some time to think in advance rather than do crises management. Don’t get into situations where you cannot give it back. Try to engineer the situation to your advantage rather than getting sucked into it and regretting it post-facto.

But remember there will always come a time when you will get a chance to give it back hold on till then.Life does come around every once in a while.And if after all that wait you don’t feel strongly enough then opt for sarcasm! If that sting has become numb or you have become indifferent to it all, then maybe let go.It wasn’t worth it perhaps.



Your Thoughts?

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