Logic vs. Belief

Its only times of crises or difficulty that we need to make a choice on how we should handle the situation. For most it is the belief, and for the others its what is logical. When the times are good, you don’t quite delve into these aspects of life isn’t it? I’m certain there are exceptions who think ahead and weigh pros and cons well in advance and engineer their lives to dodge the potential pitfalls.For others, they go through the motions as life takes them for a roller-coaster ride.

Logic is undeniable, incontestable, and holds true whether you and me agree to it or not, or for that matter , whether we like it or not. It just stares you in the face.There’s no getting away from it.For those who can’t handle the truth ( Like  Col. Jessup thought in Few Good Men) it comes back to haunt them later in life.It takes a lot of mental toughness to accept logic,especially if the statement is not in your favor.Therefore somewhere logic has a negative impact on the mind. Logic could also have different definitions for different people.

Belief, on the other hand ,is the feel good factor.It makes you visualize, it makes you dream and imagine.It gives you hope.When you are under extreme pressure, it gives you a reason to carry on.Its a feel good factor.Some people also call it positivity.For those that this has worked , swear by it and live by it.The world will mostly not believe in you,therefore it is imperative that you believe in your self first.

Now let me take you through the counter view of Logic and Belief.

Logic separates the wheat from the chaff.It gives you a realistic sense on where you are and what you need to do to over the task at hand.It clears your mind.It rids you of misleading beliefs.It gives you thought clarity which is the DNA to being successful.It makes you mentally stronger and better equipped to handle the crises.

Belief on the other hand,could lead you into a rude shock of reality.Belief could keep you feeling good when the need of the hour is to shake up or wake up from your comfort zone.Belief makes you trust people,their opinions and judgements or their recommendations versus following your own.

So then what is the fundamental truth of life? What is that one belief that is logical as well ? Which does show us reality but also makes us feel good?  You guessed it. There isn’t one.  So how do you lead your life, based on what?  Life reminds me of a binary code, 1 or 0 , true or false, birth or death, perhaps the only truth in our lives…and all that matters is what you do inbetween.Life is what you find inbetween every action and reaction.






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