Look Up

Is it a necessity to look up to someone ? Get inspired or be awestruck ? Is it not possible to just not be impressed ?

Guess what – if you are one of those who dont get easily impressed or awed or flow with the mass consensus,chances are you are an “outstanding” candidate.Outstanding in this case meaning standing out…ostracised.In many organizations the people in power tend do, knowingly or unknowingly create a perception about themselves that whatever they say or do is the best thing to happen to everyone else.More so if their idea has been successful in the past with a certain set of circumstances.

now the problem starts when the newbie joins work and finds out that he or she does not subscribe to that point of view.The word playing in his or her mind is BIG DEAL. Not that he does not see value in it – but just that he does not see too much value in it as compared to his or her colleagues who are longer than him in the system.

The challenge therefore now,is what does he do if he has a better idea ,suggestion or solution.? The moment he brings up a point which is not in line with the popular belief of the organization he is termed a rebel or a fool.Yet not brining it up eats him up inside.He thinks it is a golden opportunity to prove his edge over others.

He also knows that if he is given the opportunity to present and for some quirk of fate it does not succeed – then he is pretty much done.A permanent perception is triggered against him with the rest of the organization which he fights till his last day at work.So it is a tricky situation.Falling in line will mean he too will become one-of-them and feel frustration creep in right from the very beginning of his job.Things worsen or become more challenging if you re note the keeping quiet types.

So what is the right strategy under the circumstances?

The idea is to stagger the ideas over a period of time instead of bulldozing or spilling it all at once. Break down your idea, do a test pilot quietly,show success and then take it to higher management.As you spend more time in the new organization start identifying the your type of people and see if they are in any position of power.Present your ideas to them first and do a dipstick check to see the reaction.dont make a big deal about it present it just as a casual by-the-way afterthought.

If the idea gets some momentum follow it /push it a bit further.Ask for similar kind of people to hook up with and see if you can spread the word.Slowly get a consensus and generate a mass momentum around your theory with minimal resistance and only and only present to a group of people if and only if you have some sort of quorum going for you.else not.

You know organizations are so process driven, that they hammer people into a box, and then go on to hire people from outside to think out of the box !

Such is life.

Your Thoughts?

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