When times are tough,it is easy to break down and give up.

That  does not mean the problem is solved. It still persists. While keeping at it, is not everyone’s forte, it is also important to realize the importance of hanging in there – even if it is literally.

So lets spend some time on what are some of the hanging in there techniques you can use.

  1. Switch off button. – We all have one, but we dont use it often. I know it  is easier said than done, but considering the alternative, that of staying awake all night and tearing your hair apart, it is better to switch off. Give yourself a break – stop thinking about your current situation,or the path it is headed to for a few hours. Pretend as if nothing has happened and maybe even go watch a movie if that fancies you.But do train your mind to take a break every now and then. It helps restore the balance and perspective.
  2. Classify – differentiate your problems in to two categories.Category 1 deals with stuff you cannot do anything about. Category two deals with stuff you can do at least something. focus on that something. Make sure that the car is rolling at all times.Figure out the delta required to keep moving every day,and start isolating stuff you cannot do anything about.If you are successful in spinning something off from cat 2, then cat 1 problem will automatically become  irrelevant. If not,at least for the time being you’ll make some progress and that’ll keep you going.
  3. Friend Connect – choose wisely who you talk to and who you avoid.Sometimes when you are in deep shit, it is good to ignore folks who you re competing with.just be beyond reach.let them not get to you.Even for those who you do talk be doubly sure that  you are not pestering them too much.After all it is your shit – no one will smell it better than you.So you ve got to deal with it. Sometimes if you land up lowering your defenses,chances are those so called friends might take advantage at a later point. So learn to shut up unless you are absolutely sure you are talking to the right people.
  4. Effort sheet – your effort sheet has to be full at all times.and this is the most difficult thing to do when your motivation is at a rock bottom low.But you’ve got to muster up the courage to keep doing it.Think of numerous matches where the winning team is 1 goal down in the second half, and yet they go on to win the game.Was it tough ? hell yes. but it was probably worth it.This is what the cricketers mean when they say, we need to keep doing the basics right.
  5. Retrospect Introspect. – make sure you are objective about the mistakes you did to get to your current situation.Make sure you dont fall into the same trap again.make sure you dont create a situation for you to eat the humble pie.Though there is no 100% guarantee to that effect, but the idea is to minimize it.

There are more such simple everyday things I am sure to each his own.Please remember in the corporate world what works for some backfires for the other. So use these techniques depending on what your situation or you can handle.

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