Music and Platforms

What would the Hindi film music scene be like if there was no Lata, Asha, Kishore, Rafi or Mukesh? A scenario hard to imagine isn’t it? But spare a thought for those who could not make it because they ruled the roost for so long. Imagine if they had a platform like Sa Re Ga Ma, Indian Idol or The Voice ,what could ve been the impact?

  • Suman Kalyanpur
  • Shailendra Singh
  • Bhupinder Singh
  • Hema Sardesai.
  • Arati Mukherjee
  • Vijay Benedict.
  • Binjoo Ali

There are many more but I guess you get the drift. So if the music scene was so crowded then why did producers only prefer Lata, Rafi,Kishore,Asha & to a large extent Mukesh , lets call them LARAKAM group. There were scores of rumors that some members of the LARAKAM never let other artistes, OA enter the inner sanctum sanctorum.

The flip side of the story is that such talented artistes didn’t need to do that at all .For most artistes , in their career they manage to give a few memorable hits and most would say they would take it any day. However, in the case of LARAKAM, most part of their careers were sprinkled with memorable hits and some ordinary songs.

Not just Indian fans, but music aficionados from other cultures and places who don’t understand Hindi or Urdu, even they appreciate some of the melodies these artists crooned. Its is sad though, few of the songs were lifted straight from the original track without acknowledgement,gratitude and royalty,plagiarized by the music composers.

Yes they’d like to call it inspiration, and imitating is a form of flattery, but as a fan of Bollywood music, I felt cheated. Even if we give the benefit of doubt to yesteryear lift-off there is no scope for mercy for the modern generation to copy from someone else’s brilliance without acknowledgement. Its stealing. Period.

So when I see so many platforms for the upcoming singers I feel there is also a need to have more original music composers. Let there be a reality show for music composers creating new and original melodies culminating into a contract at the end of it. They need to show their versatility in every genre to compete in a talented sphere.

Our music becomes the flagship of our culture across the world. People who don’t understand the language, understand the notes of music ,all they do is close their eyes and feel it. So lets make sure we give more platforms to showcase original scores and compositions instead of fighting in the red ocean.


Your Thoughts?

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